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EDITOR'S WORD Engage All 5 Senses TAMER MECKY, CEM Director mecky & Co. Out of the 5 Senses, what is the most important sense that we focus on in event planning: sight, smell, hearing, touch or taste? I asked a group of people if they would rather have a visually appealing meal that tastes bland or a not so visually appealing meal that tastes great? The group was divided! Some said, "I don't care how the meal looks like as long as it tastes fresh and tasty," while the other half of the group said, "If the meal does not look inviting we won't even taste it." This is just This issue of an example that we can never satisfy everyone, and that we have to engage our 5 Senses all the way, MEE TING would not be all the time when it comes to event planning. possible without the efforts of the If we break down event spending by category, we will find that food and beverage, audio following members of the MPI Toronto visual and décor are the top items that most event planners spend their budgets on - that Chapter Communications Committee: Mariella covers our 5 Senses. Irivarren, CMP (Chair); Ellen Boddington, CMP, If only we could engage our attendees' 5 Senses at once to work in harmony during our CMM; Annette Frymer; Kate Jaehn-Kreibaum; Petar events, that would be awesome! The challenge is that in event planning we are dealing Josic; Micki Lubek, CMP; Arianna McLaughlin; Jebbie with so many moving objects and limited budgets, yet we have to create unforgettable Mosa; Lindsey Press; Dina Sibellino; and Nikki experiences that aim to appeal to the 5 Senses and have a measurable outcome. Wright, CAE. Are you interested in joining our committee or submitting an article? Email us at Experience and education make our jobs look so easy. It's similar to watching golf on TV and seeing the professional golfers hitting a ball - they make it look so easy. I see a lot of similarities between event planning and golf. A professional golfer has so many variables to control and consider, yet they execute a great shot "most of the time" that looks so easy. The same goes in event planning: Suppliers and planners work together to execute flawless events that engage the 5 Senses - and they make it look so easy. In this issue of MEE TING magazine, we will talk about food trends - make sure you read Annette Frymer's article on food trends in 2015. We identified body language as one of the core areas that we all can benefit from, so we reached out to Mark Bowden and he kindly shared with us some key Did you enjoy reading this issue of MEETING? Share your thoughts and comments with us via Twitter @MPIToronto - your tweet may be featured in the next issue! guidelines to consider! We asked Micki Lubek to tell us about scents in event planning and to gather some feelings about scent emitting diffusers and their use. Hosting an inclusive meeting should be a basic standard for our industry, and this is what Arianna McLaughlin will share with us in "All Welcome: Meetings Made Accessible." While editing this issue of MEE TING magazine, our Communication Committee achieved a record-breaking number of award recipients on one committee. Four of our Communication Committee members were recipients of an award at the 2015 MPI Toronto Awards Gala held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 12. Congratulations to all the nominees and recipients, it was a great event at all levels! "Such an inspiring article by Olympic gold medalist Cheryl Pounder, in @MPIToronto's latest issue of #MEETING magazine" Katie Doerksen (@KEDoerksen) "The Independent Planner as a TEAM OF ONE or ARE THEY? via MEETING @Aston_Events @MPIToronto #MPITO NJxko51sdv" Darryl Nielsen (@7DN) Enjoy your summer, and I hope to see you at TEC - June 7-9, 2015! 6 * ME ETING | MAY/JUNE 2015

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President’s Message
Editor’s Word
Welcome, New Members!
Upcoming Events
Food Trends for 2015
Getting a Grasp on Contracts
The New High-End Look of Toronto
We Trust What We See! – Improve Your Speaking and Your Speakers with Winning Body Language
The New Frontier of Event Design is Right Under Your Nose
Experience Design: Linking the Planner’s Sight to the Audience’s Mind
All Welcome: Meetings Made Accessible
Chapter Speaks
ECOS Highlights
Destination: Alberta
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Meeting MPI Toronto - May/June 2015