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member spotlight W FINDING YoUr CALLING e work in an amazing industry - so much of it is about relationships with clients, prospective clients, colleagues and even competitors. That's what I love about it, and yet I went through a life change that made me look in other areas for something deeper and even more fulfilling. I've been on a three-year journey to find greater happiness. What I found along the way was a world I never realized would be such a large part of my life. In my efforts to become happy, which is what my weight loss journey really was, I found my passion for food and nutrition, and sharing with anyone who would listen! What started out as weight loss and getting fit (I lost 70 pounds), has turned into a life of radiating joy and energy, gratitude, spirituality, speaking my truth and realizing my self-worth. What sent me on this journey you ask? I was following my heart and my gut, it just felt right. I was scared to leave my job of 14 years, and then my next job of under 2 years - and did it anyways. I'm now ramping up a food and nutrition business, and I know that the two worlds will meet again. I looked at the skills I gained in the business events world - sales, public speaking and building relationships - and realized they are all transferrable. What planners, suppliers and group of conference attendees don't want to learn how to nourish their bodies and minds when on the road? This is knowledge I could help with! We all want to be happy and it takes courage to live the life of your dreams. Unleash your passions, and figure out how to acknowledge and share them by leading a fulfilled life and potentially turning your passions into a career. - Suzanne Forster, Food & nutrition Speaker, Life Evolyoution, suzanne@ | | | MEETING * 25

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Meeting MPI Toronto - May/June 2016