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president's message Great Strides Meeting Professionals GEOFF MAK, CEM, CMP International Toronto Chapter Senior Account Executive Allstream Centre and Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place Mississauga, ON L5N 6A4 6700 Century Ave., Suite 100 Tel: 905-567-9591 Fax: 866-768-8168 Throughout our entire lives, we are always learning and growing. An infant learns how to walk and talk and becomes a toddler. A toddler learns about sharing and how to interact with others to become a youngster. As we continue to move through our tweens, teens, university, young adult, adult and senior years, we are constantly developing and expanding our horizons. The ability to learn is essential to our mental, physical and spiritual development, and this issue will touch on the importance of education in different areas within our industry. I hope you will be able to learn some key lessons from within these pages. As we come to the end of the MPI year, I know we have had many things to be thankful for in 2015 and 2016. This has been a great year for our city, the events industry and our Chapter, but we still have much more to come.   We look forward to the Toronto Education Conference May 15-17 in Niagara Falls to collaborate with our colleagues and "Defy Gravity." We hope to see you all at our Annual Golf Tournament on June 22, where we gather to network and raise funds for the MPI Foundation Canada. Then we will spend time as a Chapter at WEC 2016, June 11-14 in Atlantic City, to reinvent ourselves for the future. As this is my last message as President, I would like to thank the entire membership for your support and kind words over the past year. Thank you also to the entire Leadership Team, my coach, all our volunteers and the entire Fletcher Wright team, especially Leslie, for helping us build our chapter. Our goal is to improve year after year, and we certainly have made strides this year due to all your contributions. Some of the highlights include our new website, our memberTOmember program, the rejuvenation of our Student Club and our ongoing 18-month plan. Under the leadership of our 2016-2017 President, Marcelo DeOliveira, and the rest of the Leadership Team, I'm sure there will be many more surprises and opportunities in store for all our members. I can't wait to learn all about them! ● Published by: 1630 Ness Ave., Suite 300 Winnipeg, MB R3J 3X1 Tel: 800-665-2456 Fax: 204-947-2047 Group Publisher: Angela Caroyannis Project Manager: Kim Davies Editor: Sarah Sain Marketing: Karim Hussain Book Leader: Norma Walchuk Advertising Representatives: Heidi Burgess, Jason Currie, Ashley Cuthand, Brian Donohoe, Kristine Dudar, Rick McPhee, Arlene Nowicki, Lana Taylor Design & Layout: Dan Proudley ©2016 Naylor (Canada) Inc. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of the publisher. Publications Mail Agreement No. 40064978 PUBLISHED MAY 2016 | 2382 | MPT-S0316 | | | MEETING * 5

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President’s Message
Editor’s Word
Welcome, New Members!
Upcoming Events
What’s in Your Back Pocket? Essential Tools to Elevate Your Planner Tool Kit
Beyond the Job Description – The Unwritten Attributes that Hiring Managers Look For
The Do’s and Don’ts of Mentoring
Sharpen Your Skills with the MPI Academy
Destination Spotlight: Golden Horseshoe
Chapter Speaks: How Do You Recharge to Get Back on Track?
Member Spotlight: Finding Your Calling
11 Ways to Make Yourself Smarter
Learning Styles: Fact or Fiction?
Investing in Employees is The Best Investment for All
Online Learning: Friend or Foe?
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Meeting MPI Toronto - May/June 2016