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editor's word Learning - the Lifetime Pursuit CHRISTINE GRUBER, CMP, CMM Owner/Principal Planner BOLD Hospitality Events & Consulting No offense to Pink Floyd, but we do need education! Education is what keeps our minds agile, fresh in our jobs and helps us negotiate our way in life. One of the most memorable teachers I had in university wasn't my best professor - in fact, I detested him, but what I learned from him was how to think critically, how to assess what was being taught to me and how it jived with my perceptions. It was a lesson than changed my entire learning experience and made it a much richer one. So I'm very glad we dedicated this issue to Education! Let's start off with the education you can use in your everyday jobs. Arianna McLaughlin's article illustrates some key tools you should learn to be the best event professional you can. We also have an article about what the MPI Academy has in store for your professional education. Check out some of the exciting courses and designations that are offered by MPI Global and see what you can add to your professional resume. Speaking of resumes, I'm excited to see two articles about why learning is going to help you with your career. For job seekers or those looking to get a promotion, check out Jenny Faucher's piece on what HR professionals are looking for beyond what is on the official job description. For those who want to get some support from their employers, Carly Silberstein takes us through some great arguments for why investing in employee education is so critical and what you can do to convince your boss! There are other forms of education - learning to take care of yourself and achieving that elusive work-life balance is important in more ways than one. Andrew Burke-Hall has some great tips to help make you smarter. Also take a look at how our chapter members recharge and refocus in our "Chapter Speaks" section. Another learning method is mentorship - we have three amazing ladies who shared their insights on getting the most of being a mentor or a mentee. There is no greater education than following your passion - even if it means going out on your own. Suzanne Forster and Tamer Mecky speak about following their calling and the lessons they learned along the way. Earlier I spoke about learning and changing perspectives, and we have two articles that will make you stop and go "hmm." Andrew Gordon probes the pros and cons of online learning, while Brian Thwaits questions the theories of "learning styles" in a very thought-provoking piece. Does it change your way of looking at learning? I hope this issue fires up your passion for learning and makes you want to seek out some more! If you haven't already signed up for the Toronto Education Conference (TEC) May 15- 17, register today! The MPI WEC (World Education Congress) is being held in Atlantic City this year June 11-14. Both conferences are filled with thought-provoking sessions, engaging networking events and opportunities to learn from others from all over the world. Check out MPI Toronto and MPI Foundation's websites for scholarship opportunities to attend either of these conferences. With summer fast approached and vacations in mind, I hope you will still find some time to learn something new! ● | | | MEETING * 7

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Destination Spotlight: Golden Horseshoe
Chapter Speaks: How Do You Recharge to Get Back on Track?
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11 Ways to Make Yourself Smarter
Learning Styles: Fact or Fiction?
Investing in Employees is The Best Investment for All
Online Learning: Friend or Foe?
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Meeting MPI Toronto - May/June 2016