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CRUISING to Event Success Angelica Maria Camacho is a Global Account Executive, Charter Department with Celebrity Cruises. She has been with Celebrity for the past 12 years. She is responsible for executing the client's program and needs onboard the ship. She meets with the client to review the contract details, their objectives, outline rules and regulations, conducts site inspections and manages the client's needs onsite. She provides full event planning support and program customization. Q Many of us are familiar with why a cruise makes a great vacation. You can't beat fun in the sun! What sets it apart as a destination for our next meeting? A: The No. 1 reason a planner should host their event on a cruise ship is the customer service. There is an amazing crew and friendliness on board that results in repeat charter clients for 20+ years. Cruise ships also over cost effective all-inclusive packages, full planning, unique travel experience ... you get it all! The team-building options and bonding experiences are endless. You not only get to host a world class meeting onboard, but you also get to share in the travel experience of a lifetime. Q What types of bookings do you typically see? What are our options for groups? A: I work with corporate and incentive groups. We do full ship charters (completely customizable), meetings of various sizes, and can house numbers in the 2,000s. Meetings function just like at a hotel with meeting space in our theatre and full staff for F&B and technology requirements. The average length of a charter cruise is 5-7 days. In a seven-day cruise, you will have 1-2 "sea days" (travel, no stops- great for meeting content and keynote speakers), with the rest being "land days" at the ports of your choosing. The number of stops will depend on your program and again, you have the option to customize! Q What are some of the key features that set a cruise apart from your traditional "land" meeting? A: Cruise ships can be a costeffective way to have maximum impact for your event and clients. With all-inclusive packages (including alcohol and internet), there are no surprises when you get your final bill at the end of the event. If you are doing a chartered cruise, you can create a completely custom program. Then there are the activities- there is everything you can think of! Q What are some challenges that planners should be aware of when hosting an event on a cruise ship? A: Seasickness is a big one, especially for newbies. But we have them covered with a full hospital, anti-nausea medicine and wellrehearsed policy and procedures. In my 12 years, I have never had someone leave the ship. We also have full security onsite to assist with any issues. Safety policies are strongly enforced and a mandatory safety master drill is done with all guests prior to departure. Another consideration is weather. The captain will never jeopardize the safety of our guests. Our captains are great navigators and will change routes if required to ensure that guests are safe but don't miss out of the cruise experience. Thailand and Hong Kong). Alaska is also popular right now, especially for those that have done a Caribbean cruise already. My favourite place is Europe in the summertime, particularly the Greek and Turkish Isles. The beauty of cruises is that there is always a good time to go and the options for destinations are endless. ● Angelica Maria Camacho is a Global Account Executive for the Charter Department of Celebrity Cruises and can be reached at Q Finally, where are the must see locations that can't be missed!? A: Some popular locations right now include Asia (group flies from North America and tours Bangkok, Vietnam, | | | MEETING * 11

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