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HOW TO INCORPORATE A HANDS-ON CHARITY COMPONENT AT YOUR EVENT Mariella Irivarren, B.A., CMP Corporate Event Planner This article was re-printed with permission from Corporate Meetings Network - Canada's go-to source for corporate meeting planners. For more information, visit V olunteering has become a large component for events these days. Attendees, especially millennials, want to be part of something greater and leave each event with a sense of accomplishment. Not only is incorporating community volunteerism a feel-good opportunity for the attendees; it is a wonderful way to help local charities and create a lasting impact. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning a hands-on charitable component for your event: * Size of the Group: How many attendees do you have and what activity would be suitable for the number of people? If it's a small group, how can you make their contributions have a greater impact? If they are a large group, how can you ensure everyone has a role to play and feels included? * Attendee Demographic: Who are your attendees and what do they like to do? Are they comfortable getting "dirty" if required, or do they prefer to contribute in more subtle ways? Are they a younger or older crowd? Are there mostly male or female attendees? Depending on the demographics of your group, they may enjoy certain activities more than others. * Timing: How much time do you have in your agenda for this activity, and how much time is your group willing to spend? If you only have one hour, you may be limited as to what components you can do. If you have all afternoon, choose something that will keep them engaged for the entire duration of the activity. * Season and Weather: What time of year is it and what will the temperature be like? Consider the possibility of doing an outdoor activity if the weather is pleasant; otherwise you may have to hold it indoors. If indoors, can your venue accommodate the logistics of hosting the activity on premise? * Location: Will your activity take place on-site or offsite? If on-site, will your charity be able to bring the activity to you? Depending on the scale of the activity you may need to transport several items and equipment to your venue? If the activity is held off-site, how will you transport your guests to the desired location? Keeping in mind all these components will help you in selecting the right organization and/or charitable activity for your event. Many charities are in great need for help, but remember to look for ones that will work best for your group and where you can positively affect the community, while at the same time having the greatest impact on the attendees. MPI's World Education Congress (WEC) is a great example of how large of an impact hands-on charitable activities can have. Every year they partner with one or more organizations in the community where the conference is taking place, and they encourage attendees to participate in the activities. Whether it is assembling hygiene kits for the homeless, building prosthetic hands for amputees, puppy cuddling stations for social therapy, and more, the impact these activities have is considerable. Community volunteerism and hands-on charitable components go beyond the standard donation or food drive - they bring together attendees and communities alike. These events thoughtfully engage participants and allow them to learn about, and relate to the charities and communities they are serving. They become part of something bigger and create a lasting impact for all those involved. So go ahead and try it, the rewards can be unimaginable! ● Mariella Irivarren, B.A., CMP, is a corporate event planner and can be reached at 18 * MEETING | JULY/AUGUST 2016 | LINKEDIN: MPI TORONTO CHAPTER

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