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Maximizing Your Downtime: REFLECT, REVISE, Leslie Wright PLAN Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. D o we have downtime anymore? If you ask most meeting professionals they would likely say "not really." However, for most professionals, there are periods when you will find time to breath. Here are a few tips on how you can use downtime to your advantage - and maybe even be able to create more of it. 1 STRATEGIZE 2 IMPROVE WORKFLOW 3 IMPROVE YOURSELF & YOUR TEAM What is the future vision? This could be for your organization or your career. Take time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be in five, 10, 20 years. Clarify for yourself and set goals and deadlines. With technology changing in leaps and bounds, look at revising your processes for more efficient ways to do things. Encourage team discussions on how they would improve the way things are done. Think about where the bottlenecks are in your processes, where your customer frustrations are and brainstorm on how you can make changes for improvement. Identify an issue and find a solution that will save you a lot of time and effort on your next event. Downtime is the perfect opportunity to invest in skills training and development. Identify areas of improvement for yourself, for your team and plan for training that will give you the knowledge to advance your career or your organization. Plan to allocate funds for everyone to take some professional development every year. When budgets are slim, industry magazines and websites provide educational content and great tips on what's new, trends and who's doing what. If you find a great article, share it with your colleagues, but make sure it's relevant and don't overburden them with too many. 4 BUILD TEAM RELATIONSHIPS & NETWORK Do you take time to connect with your team or is everyone "doing their own thing?" More and more, organizations are having their employees work from home offices. To build a team environment, it's essential that time is scheduled on a regular basis to stay connected and to feel part of the whole. Plan some fun activities away from the workplace or a quick 15-minute gathering. Plan your next year's schedule to attend industry events and continue to expand your network. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. 5 ORGANIZE 6 REJUVENATE! This point may seem funny to those who know me and have seen my office. Despite the "piles" of magazines and papers, I usually know where things are. Plan your downtime to purge, file and organize to give a fresh look and feel before the craziness hits again. Maybe it's not your office but the storeroom or kitchen area. Trust me, it's refreshing. Is your inbox loaded down with emails you just haven't gotten to? Start unsubscribing from emails that are nice to have but you never get a chance to read. Or if you just can't let go, set up a folder to have these emails directed to and then read them when you can. For emails with documents, take the time to save them in a folder for easy reference in the future. Revise your contact list - it's hard to keep up with industry professionals but a great way to see who's changing jobs or starting something new is through industry publications or social media. Watch for changes and update or add to your list. Get out of the office on time, go to a gym, join a sports team, finish that craft project, read a book, schedule a spa appointment, or get together with the friends to whom you keep saying "we must get together." Take your vacation time to allow you the time to reflect on life and enjoy all it has to offer. ● Leslie Wright is President of Fletcher Wright Associates Inc. and can be reached at | | | MEETING * 21

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