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ACTIVATE YOUR EVENT WITH EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING T Grail Noble Yellow House Events he Experience Economy is creating powerful opportunities in our industry. Dubbed "Exponomy" by hospitality management programs in the U.S. and Europe, this movement has generated awareness of experiential marketing advantages. The key is to deliver an experience and give the audience opportunities to actively participate in your message to deepen customer loyalty with live event experiences. Whatever your event goals may be, experiential marketing allows the customer to connect with your brand message. The Experience Economy is all about engaging the senses and the mind. Whether your key objective is education, or launching a new product, your audience needs to feel something at your event. Not just with their hands, but with their intellect too. Event design involves a lot of planning and forethought. To create a successful experiential marketing event, consider how your attendees can use their senses to interact with your message. Look for ways to involve attendees early on, and focus on how it will make them feel. If they are hands-on, early-on, people retain far more information and commit psychologically to your message. 22 * MEETING | JULY/AUGUST 2016 | LINKEDIN: MPI TORONTO CHAPTER

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President’s Message
Editor’s Word
Welcome, New Members!
Upcoming Events
Boutique Experiences & Emerging Incentive Destinations
How You Can Benefit from the MPI Foundation
Cruising to Event Success
Destination: Toronto
Chapter Speaks: What Are You Reading or Listening to This Summer?
Community Volunteerism: How to Incorporate a Hands-On Charity Component at Your Event
Taming the Beast: Planning Outdoor Events
Building Custom Experiences
Maximizing Your Downtime: Reflect, Revise, Plan
Activate Your Event with Experiential Marketing
Beyond the Annual Barbecue – Incorporating Family at Events
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Meeting MPI Toronto - July/August 2016