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iSpy MPI GLOBAL MEETINGS Industry Day (GMID) 1 3 2 6 4 1. Don Chapman, Diane Stefaniak, Lynn Gale and Bill Graham. 2. Matina Kalkounis and Wendy Derblich. 5 3. Sandra Moniz and Lynn Gale. 4. Orlando Bowen. 5. Howard Green. 6. Trevor Lui, Jean Paul Gladu, Johanne Belanger and David Adler. TORONTO EDUCATION Conference (TEC) 1 4 2 5 3 6 1. Tim Whalen, Margaret Binns, Nikki Wright, Jason Boyer and Robert Matusik. 2. Lee-Anne Leckie (in the background), Rosanna Brifoglio, Mark Kelly and Stephanie Uy. 3. Meghan Brazil, Rachel Klar and Joyce O'Connor. 4. Paula Racher. 5. Cameal Soveral, Kristi Contini, Tiffany Gilmore and Megan Bexfield. 6. Ellen Ettinger and Nadena Singh. | | | MEETING * 25

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Meeting MPI Toronto - July/August 2016

President’s Message
Editor’s Word
Welcome, New Members!
Upcoming Events
Boutique Experiences & Emerging Incentive Destinations
How You Can Benefit from the MPI Foundation
Cruising to Event Success
Destination: Toronto
Chapter Speaks: What Are You Reading or Listening to This Summer?
Community Volunteerism: How to Incorporate a Hands-On Charity Component at Your Event
Taming the Beast: Planning Outdoor Events
Building Custom Experiences
Maximizing Your Downtime: Reflect, Revise, Plan
Activate Your Event with Experiential Marketing
Beyond the Annual Barbecue – Incorporating Family at Events
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Meeting MPI Toronto - July/August 2016