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editor's word Sizzle This Summer Stephanie Rapko Conference & Event Manager, Moore Carlyle Consulting | MCC Destination Management @rapko76 Pool parties. Barbecues and picnics. Patios. Amusement parks. Camping. The beach. Food, festivals and fun. These are images that come to mind when I think of summer. What about you? In this issue of meeting magazine, we focus on summer. For the event planner, summer brings hectic schedules and making sure all those events you've been planning all winter go off without a hitch. For some, summer is a time to reflect and recharge. In "Maximizing your Downtime," written by Leslie Wright, she offers some suggestions and advice on how to get the most out of your downtime - if you are one of the lucky few - to take a step back and focus your energies on you. Is your career where you want it to be? Is it time to go for that designation? Maybe a chance to work on your professional development. Finally get that home office organized. Summer is also a time to spend with family. The kids are out of school and sure enough, the boredom will set in quickly. However, there are only so many summer camps to attend, let alone afford! Canada's Wonderland is a great way to spend the day, but unless you bought a season pass, it can add up quickly! In Kate Jaehn-Kreibaum's article, "Beyond the Annual Barbecue - Incorporating Family at Events," she talks about different ways you, as an event planner, can make that upcoming conference or executive retreat include family members by offering social rates or tour packages. This way, while mom is taking in education sessions, dad and the kids can hang out by the pool or the family can have a fun outing together. In summer, the event planner starts thinking about and creating those events for the fall and winter. The articles "Building Custom Experiences" by Allison Owers-Graham, CMP, and "Boutique Experiences & Emerging Incentive Destinations" by Liz Akey, CMP, will get your creative juices flowing to create the most memorable experiences for your attendees in great new and unique venues. While creating those amazing events, be sure to include an option to give back to the community where you are hosting the event. "Community Volunteerism: Incorporating a Hands-On Charity Component at Your Event" by providing a hands-on charity component on-site by Mariella Irivarren, CMP, will provide you with some insight on how to get started and what to consider when planning the volunteering aspect of your event. With the nicer weather, it allows for more events to take place outdoors. However, planning an event for the outdoors comes with its own set of challenges. Virginia Ludy, CEO, Canadian National Exhibition talks about "Taming the Beast: Planning Outdoor Events" and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the tricks of the trade for putting together such a large scale event. With so much to do and not enough time to get it all done, I hope that you find our "Summer" issue to be inspiring, thought-provoking and entertaining as you peruse the pages while poolside sipping on a cocktail. ● Did you enjoy reading this issue of meeting? Share your thoughts and comments with us via Twitter @MPIToronto - your tweet may be featured in the next issue! "11 Really Fabulous Ways to Make Yourself Smarter - check it out! @MPIToronto MEETING Magazine #eventprofs" Really Fab Event Co. @reallyfabulous "Thrilled 2 have contributed 2 @MPIToronto on investing in your #employees is a win, win, win" Carly Silberstein @Carlyxsilber "Congratulations @JennyFaucher @MMItweets on your article in @MPIToronto MEETINGS Magazine. #AMCProud!" Essentient AMC Inc @EssentientAMC | | | MEETING * 5"

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Community Volunteerism: How to Incorporate a Hands-On Charity Component at Your Event
Taming the Beast: Planning Outdoor Events
Building Custom Experiences
Maximizing Your Downtime: Reflect, Revise, Plan
Activate Your Event with Experiential Marketing
Beyond the Annual Barbecue – Incorporating Family at Events
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