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DIARY OF A CELLPHONE-LESS SALES By Darryl Nielsen, Hyatt Hotels I PROFESSIONAL purchased my first mobile or "cellular" phone when I was my happy children, doing happy things, while I stressed to 16. It was a 1990ish Motorola Flip Phone DPC, the Digital perfectly frame their happiness). Personal Communicator. The phone was about 9 inches It's now been over a year (since July 2013) that I have been long, 2 inches in depth and weighed about half a pound. completely cellphone free. Yes, no smartphone ... and no I carried it in my Roots brown leather messenger bag, along dumb phone either. You can't immediately reach me in my with my school textbooks. At the time, those books were the car, at a conference or at a concert. You won't know by way of only "text"-ing I took part in. It would take another 10 years Foursquare or Facebook where I am. until people sent, on average, ONE text a day. For the sense of "freedom" I received I no longer spend every moment of my waking hours reviewing low-priority interrupts. from this phone, I paid about $50 a month No longer do I immediately view a plus tax and fees for 300 minutes of "talk" tweet @mentioning me, presumably time. Each minute after cost me 20 cents. Conversations were brief since most of my friends still had cordless home by the very person sitting across the table from me. Nor am I immediately notified of a close friend's Facebook status landline phones, and well ... guys aren't update confirming their personality likeness to chatty. Almost every month, I kept it under a character on their favourite television show, 300 minutes, except when I had a new nor a text asking me if we have milk (if I'm not girlfriend. An additional 60 minutes was a at home, how will I know?).  breeze to accrue. For this luxury to talk to As the smartphone has evolved over my girlfriend, usually while on my work the past handful of years, I noticed more breaks, I "only" had to put in a few "information anxiety" in my life. The extra hours a month at the $6 per hour minimum wage I received. It smarter the phone got, the more I used it. The more disorganized my thoughts and focus was still yet another several years until became. I put the phone down. we had unlimited talk after 6 p.m. In those days, After a few weeks of not anticipating the next the phone systems would cripple at 6:01 p.m. with the entire email or tweet or text by way of looking at my phone every teenage population, simultaneously trying to call each other few minutes, a natural calm and clarity befell me. I haven't for "free." picked up the phone since. I now use social media only via a My cell phone/smartphone resume: * I've had more than 22 years of mobility in answering and making "personal" telephone calls; half of those years sending and receiving "personal" texts (not of the school book variety). * I've had five years of mostly "personal" messaging via home Wi-Fi connected tablet or my work PC, and mostly, to help engage in person, by staying informed and to send an invitation for coffee, lunch or a Sociable!  Yes, there are many professional, personal and social benefits of a smartphone. Until I anticipate at least one high priority interruption a day while mobile, I'll be "free" to be BBM, five years composing and reading "work" email the guy who's living in the moment, connecting, and when wherever I was and at whatever time I chose, too. face-to-face, only engaging with you and not a phone. * I've had only a little over three years of being able to Facebook, Tweet, send LinkedIn messages, Google Darryl Nielsen is a Sales Manager at Hyatt Hotels and an answer to any question that arose, and snap and can't be reached while he's mobile but he can be reached at immediately post photos to said social media (mostly of | MEETING * 21

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Destination: Medicine Hat
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Meeting MPI Toronto - September/October 2014