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WINERY EVENTS AND THEN SOME I Roni Feldman, CMP, DMCP, CIS Roni Feldman & Associates Inc. n the distant past, an offsite convention dinner meant characteristics of the grape varieties. Guests then create their a visit to Toronto restaurant "Ed's Warehouse" and a own variety and take home a bottle with their own blend and dinner of roast beef, peas and potatoes. With the arrival customized wine label. The sommelier then judges the best of immigrants bringing with them every national cuisine, wine and gives a special recognition. the entire dining experience has exploded and features Pairing wine and chocolate is a match made in heaven extraordinary options. Dinner and its components then for both the foodie and wine connoisseur. As with wine, became a dining experience. chocolate presents a complexity of flavours and textures. Chefs were suddenly free to be as creative as possible, looking at organic options and locally grown ingredients. One area in particular that has grown is the pairing of food with wine at the fabulous wineries in the Niagara Region. Experts in this field can be brought in to provide this activity during an event. The concept has also grown to include beer tastings and the pairing of beer and food. There are several people offering this It is almost as if the development of the wine industry has service but there is actually only one Beerologist in all of advanced parallel to the change in cuisine. We have come a Canada. I am sure that will change in the future. long way from just pairing wine and cheese! There are a number of wineries that offer a wine pairing Many years ago, I approached a winery to produce a themed event. They had never done anything like experience for lunch or dinner. Not only are the wines this before and neither had any other wineries in the specifically chosen to complement the choice of menu and area. We provided tethered hot air balloons, offering ingredients, but the chef or sommelier will often introduce outstanding views of the vineyards; flying kites and a each course, discuss the ingredients for the course, as well as the grapes of the chosen wine and describe host of other fun activities. It was a huge success for the participants but more importantly to the winery how the flavours complement one another. When the owner, as it presented a solution for changing chefs directly speak to your participants, they become the image of wineries and wine tasting as an an integral part of the experience. experience being only for the elite and "wine On a personal note, several years ago while producing an event at an offsite venue, the caterer was very excited about the wine that he was able to secure to serve with the main course. I tasted the wine, snobs." She wanted it to be an experience for everyone, and the program opened up an entirely new vista for her. Nowadays, wineries hold concerts, show movies and have thought it was terrible and told the caterer. He said become a complete experience rather not to worry; it will be perfect with the main course. than just offering tastings. Having worked together on many events over the years I was not concerned. During the dinner, I sampled the main course with the wine and it was outstanding. It really was extraordinary - the difference in taste on its own and the taste with dinner. How wonderful that we have progressed so far with the simple act of enjoying dinner. The opportunities are endless. The only limitation is one's imagination! In addition to wine pairings, there are wineries that offer guests the opportunity to blend their own Roni Feldman is the President at Roni Feldman wine. They receive a selection of wines, beakers and & Associates Inc. and can be reached at buckets, and the sommelier provides insight on the 24 * ME ETING | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 | LINKEDIN: MPI TORONTO CHAPTER

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Meeting MPI Toronto - November/December 2015