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FUELING OUR MIND AND BODIES Carrie Mudrick-Reubel The Wellness Edge G etting it all No time for exercise? Take it outside. done in our We have walking meetings when we're personal and brainstorming. A 30-minute walk can professional clear your head from mental clutter, lives, while keeping getting you back to work refreshed and ourselves sane, healthy and ready to take on the day. happy is a balance we all strive Feeling the 3 p.m. burn in your shoulders to achieve, often with little success. from being at your desk? Get up and stretch, There are many simple and time-efficient ways to keep our own engines running well enough to live high octane lives, and most days with enough energy to have fun. Running on empty may be a great Jackson Brown song, but we can do better for ourselves. A little tweak in move or twist your upper body. Breathe deep. It's essential to undo the damage from sitting. Desk yoga is simple and fun, while giving you the energy to make it until 5 p.m. rolls around. Go out and play, have fun like you did when you were a kid, bring fun into your life's events. You will feel refueled and sleep better. our perspective goes a long way to keeping us living well and being well so we can enjoy life. We owe it to ourselves. EXERCISE THE MIND Take time every day to be still and quiet as the mind is THINK ABOUT FOOD AS FUEL How and what we eat has an impact on our well-being. Sitting down and sharing wonderful food with people is one of life's greatest pleasures. Yet, because we're time essential to living well. The busy-ness of life has our "stress response" in overdrive most days, keeping us energetically depleted. "But I don't have an hour to meditate," you say! Many people stressed, we often run all day on coffee and carbs, spiking don't these days, but even a few minutes of quiet reflection and crashing our blood sugar levels, leaving us "hangry," balances out our overactive nervous system. We feel well unfocused and tired. when the 'relaxation response' gets as much fuel as the stress Refueling with fresh, quality food at regular intervals response. Sitting mindfully aware, meditating, gives our system (3-4 hours), keeps us focused, effective and feeling well. It the relaxation it needs to be able to respond to life rather than takes twice as long to get something done when our sugar is react. From the space of relaxation we have access to our too low. Healthy, beautiful and evocative food will always win creative, collaborative, cooperative and focused best selves. over empty calories and high carbs. Being mindful of food as fuel and pleasure, we can make it simple to keep a stock of high protein bars, fresh fruit, cut up Incorporating meditation into our lives is easy, and the positive-long term effects on our health can be surprising. As crazy busy as we are, we don't have to accept being veggies, nuts and dried fruit for the car, in the office and at overwhelmed and exhausted. Sumptuous food, fun exercise our meetings. This will help keep everyone alert, focused and and a few minutes to recharge are the fuel we need to keep feeling energized. our minds and our bodies well. TREAT YOUR BODY WELL Carrie Mudrick-Rubel is an Ambassador of Wellness at Exercise is now being called the greatest anti-depressant. Bodies need to move, yet much of our time is spent sitting. The Wellness Edge and Massage On Wheels and can be reached at | | | MEETING * 25

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Meeting MPI Toronto - November/December 2015