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EDITOR'S WORD For the Love of Food CHRISTINE GRUBER, CMP, CMM Owner/Principal Planner BOLD Hospitality Events & Consulting Ahhh .... food! Giver of energy, a pleasure to our five senses and the best social catalyst for bringing people together. Thinking about food puts a smile on most of our faces; it reminds of great times with family and friends, mostly gathered in the kitchen or makes your mouth water, anticipating that most excellent mac 'n cheese you'll be Did you enjoy reading this issue of MEETING? Share your thoughts and comments with us via Twitter @MPIToronto - your tweet may be featured in the next issue! ordering later. And that is why we devoted this entire issue to "All Things Food!" In the event industry, food is one of the big touch points we have to the very success of our events. There are more food allergies than ever before and other dietary restrictions that deal with lifestyle choices or religious requirements, which have been complicating menu planning and food service delivery. Then we are trying our best to be healthier in our menus, but our participants only seem to eat the cookies! Check out Tawfik Shehata's article about managing that delicate balance in providing healthier options. There "GENERATION GREEN by @Meeting_Change is a gr8 article featured in @MPIToronto publication -" Lindsey Press - @LindsEclectic is also Sara Zborovski and Simon Hurdon informative article about our industries' responsibilities regarding risk and liability in food service. But food should be fun! Remember your first food fight? Or maybe playing with your food, like wearing breadstick tusks and imitating a walrus? One of the most visceral experiences you can have is with food. And in this industry, here are so many fun group foodie experiences out there you can try. Lynda Barrett has a great article about some exciting culinary experiences you can try. Or how about Cheryl Gateman's article on team building events with a food and beverage twist? We also have Jacqueline Hooper talking about how to make the most of your dine arounds at your events. At this time of year, we begin with what I call the "Marathon of Food" - where we eat and eat and eat This issue of MEETING until January 2 when our New Year's resolutions kick in! Traditional recipes in my family include a variety of different cultural based foods like the French tourtière, the Ukrainian perogies, the would not be possible without Hungarian cabbage rolls and the English sticky toffee pudding. This year, you might want the efforts of the following to consider throwing something new into your menu. Carly Ekstein has some interesting members of the MPI Toronto Chapter Communications Committee: ways you might want to try some twists on the traditional holiday menu. Christine Gruber (Director), Mariella Irivarren (Chair), This time of year is also a time to celebrate the people in our lives. Sharing a drink and Mark Awad, Moriah Bacus, Carly Ekstein, toasting to their good health is common as we take time to value the wonder and love that Ellen Ettinger, Helena Gomes, Andrew Gordon, is our family and friends. We have a great article with inspiration from the M&IT Hall of Kate Jaehn-Kreibaum, Diane Julien, Arianna Fame nominees and winners. Cheers to them! McLaughlin, Elise Taylor, and Nikki Wright, CAE. Are you interested in joining our committee or submitting an article? Email us I wish you all a savory and delectable holiday season and exquisitely tasty new year! 6 * ME ETING | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 | LINKEDIN: MPI TORONTO CHAPTER"

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President’s Message
Editor’s Word
Upcoming Events
Welcome, New Members!
Going Healthy: Trend Not Fad
The Foodies’ Dine Around
Traditional Holiday Menus with a Twist
Member Spotlight: MPI Toronto’s M+IT Hall of Fame Finalists
Destination Spotlight: Québec
Food & Beverage Risk and Liability
Today’s Menu: Culinary Engagement and Team Building
Chapter Speaks
Winery Events and Then Some
Fueling Our Mind and Bodies
Food & Beverage Trends 2016
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Meeting MPI Toronto - November/December 2015