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GOING HEALTHY: Trend Not Fad E ating is one of life's greatest pleasures! It has evolved from a "hunter-gatherer" approach to a social, gratifying experience; but if left unchecked it can lead to excess. I believe that we as a venue have a responsibility, but there are some limitations beyond our control. After all, we are neither doctors nor nutritionists; we are here to provide a service. With increasing obesity rates and companies struggling with decreased productivity, the correlation is an important Tawfik Shehata The International Centre discussion to have. In an industry where boundless amounts of food at every break are anticipated, if not expected, trying to give more by having less is a difficult proposition to sell. A few obstacles I often encounter are the "not enough food" fear, and the idea that perishable ingredients require more training, planning and creativity; meaning more money. This is where the opportunity lies for the planner and the chef to collaborate and create healthy, visually appealing options that fit the budget and suit the demographic and taste of attendees. Is it not our role 8 * ME ETING | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 | LINKEDIN: MPI TORONTO CHAPTER

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President’s Message
Editor’s Word
Upcoming Events
Welcome, New Members!
Going Healthy: Trend Not Fad
The Foodies’ Dine Around
Traditional Holiday Menus with a Twist
Member Spotlight: MPI Toronto’s M+IT Hall of Fame Finalists
Destination Spotlight: Québec
Food & Beverage Risk and Liability
Today’s Menu: Culinary Engagement and Team Building
Chapter Speaks
Winery Events and Then Some
Fueling Our Mind and Bodies
Food & Beverage Trends 2016
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Meeting MPI Toronto - November/December 2015