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FEATURE | By John Enright IT HAPPENS TO all of us in the advisor world. Whether you are in the early or later phases of your career, it is difficult to avoid getting burned out because we have a complex definition of our work life. We are financial advisors. But what does that really mean? If we look at it from a true roles-and-responsibilities standpoint, there are not many more demanding careers than that of an advisor. Client expectations, industry regulations, technical competence and marketing are just the tip of the iceberg. The chart on page 42 provides a glimpse into the life of an advisor. Considering that in most professions, these responsibilities fall on the shoulders of many, it is easy to understand why advisors face burnout. If only we could spend our time focusing on our clients and their needs, we would have an opportunity to truly make a difference. My greatest challenge came several years ago. I was working seven days a week and was always accessible. I was taught to believe that if I wasn't accessible, success would be difficult. 40 ADVISOR TODAY | May/June 2015 Getting back to what you love But what I realized was that if I truly worked smarter, I could work less and spend more time doing things I enjoy, such as spending time with my family. I learned some important lessons that may prove helpful to you as well. Here are three steps you can take to get back to doing what you love the most-whatever that might be-such as spending time with your family or seeing more prospects and clients. First, put yourself in your client's shoes. Those who truly take time to reflect on the experiences of their clients become stronger advisors. We continue to find opportunities for improvement by simply pausing and reflecting on what our clients may or may not have experienced. It starts with recognizing what we control. In our situation, we have little or no control over our parking garage. It's terrible and we know our clients will most likely not have a great experience. Since we do not control this, we instead do all we can to ensure they are

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