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from the editor By Ayo Mseka Make May Your Dream Month! I t is easy to make May your dream month. After all, the blizzards of this year's winter are now in your distant past, the days are long and mostly sunny, and you are ready to go out and "see the people." Also, thanks to an improving economy and a rise in consumer confidence, many of the people you will be seeing should be pretty receptive to what you have to say, creating a more conducive environment for you to market your products and services. A good way to prepare for these visits is to read this issue of Advisor Today, which is chock-full of tips and techniques to help make the time you spend with your clients more productive. From Alex Rosenblatt's article on page 26, you will learn about some of the unique uses of life insurance, and from David Simkowitz's article on page 16, you will learn how to listen to your clients and prospects effectively, because of this one important lesson: Listening with intent can change the course of your career. Other articles you might want to read just before stepping out are Chase Chandler's story on how he sells whole life on page 28 and Glenn Lllopis' article on page 54 on what you need to do to win the Hispanic market. More steps for success There are a few more steps you should take to make May your dream month. First, if you sell disability income insurance, make sure you are taking advantage of Disability Insurance Awareness Month, the campaign coordinated each May by Life Happens to make it easier for you to talk to people in your community about their DI needs. Visit today and you will discover a wide range of tools designed to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Second, renew your NAIFA membership if you have not already done so. A strong and vibrant NAIFA is a great asset to you as you strive to take your practice to the next level of success. It helps protect the products you sell from harmful regulation and offers valuable resources that are critical to your personal and professional development. And while you are it, don't forget to ask your friends and colleagues to join you at NAIFA. It's time that they too start reaping the many benefits the association provides. Finally, now is a good time to register for NAIFA's 2015 Career Conference and Annual Meeting, which takes place from October 3 to October 5 in New Orleans. Signing up for this important meeting illustrates your commitment to acquiring the insights and skills you need to help your clients achieve their financial goals and objectives. As most of you know, dreams come true for those who have them, as well as for those who work hard to make them a reality. Use this May to dream big and work hard and you will soon be one step closer to the practice of your dreams. 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DI Insurance Saves a Family—Twice
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A Unique Asset That Is Often Overlooked
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When Being Wrong Is Right
Selling Life Insurance Today
Retirement Planning for Today’s Boomers
Repotting Your Career
NAIFA Government Relations
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Marketing to Millennials
How to Win the Hispanic Market
In Step with a Winner
Work for Free—and Make Lots of Money Doing It!
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