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Specia Sectionl : NAPA Award s Sky-High Expectations for a Smooth Runway Lane Construction earns Ray Brown Award for military airfield project By Martha K. Silver (l to r) NAPA 2013 Chairman John Keating presents the Ray Brown Award to Lane Senior Project Manager John Rauer, Head Inc. Vice President Paul Ondera and Head Inc. Project Manager Chad Head. Lane's newly configured cutting wheel ensured a clean joint. P avement smoothness directly affects the vehicles that ride on it. When that vehicle is a $50 million F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighter, a smooth runway is crucial. At 48,000 pounds fully loaded for takeoff, a bumpy runway can negatively affect a plane's operations - in more ways than one. At Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Forth Worth in Texas, funding cuts and deferred maintenance had led to a dangerous situation, and the base's main runway required immediate repair before further damage could occur to the aircraft stationed there. continued on page 35 32 * View past issues online at

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Sky-High Expectations for a Smooth Runway
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Asphalt Pavement Magazine - May/June 2014