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LETTErFrOMTHEEdiTOr Excited for What's Ahead! MARBELLA MILLER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, O&MM FABRICATOR CONTENT STrATEgIST, NAyLOr ASSOCIATION SOLUTIONS introduced to National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association's (NOMMA) publications and information pertaining to its industry, I was a bit taken aback. A new industry, new information to take in, new members to establish relationships with, words and lingo to learn, and the list goes on and on. Fortunately, NOMMA's executive director, Todd Daniel, is someone who cares for and loves his association and its members so much that he took the time (a lot of time) to walk through any and all questions that were presented to him from myself and from different Naylor Association Solutions (Naylor) departments. I also had the pleasure of visiting Jack Klahm (of Klahm & Sons, Inc.) at the end of July in Ocala, Florida, which is only 30 minutes south of me. He gave the Naylor team and I a tour around his shop, answered all of our questions, did some demonstrations, and was a wealth of knowledge for us "new kids on the block." Being there, touching and seeing the various pieces of his hard work, hearing his story and feeling his passion confirmed that I was right where I needed to be. WhEN i WAs firsT Facebook "f " Logo Another new relationship I feel thankful for is one with Jeff Fogel. This longtime NOMMA freelancer has been a godsend. While discussing some possible editorial ideas for O&MM Fabricator with Jeff, he took the time to go over some hot topics and industry-related ideas for future issues of the magazine. His knowledge and excitement for the industry are contagious. With his help, we will be including some very timely articles that we hope everyone will have some interest in. In this issue, you can find his Shop Talk article on different high tech cutting techniques on page 20. HOW TO STAY CONNECTED! CMYK / .eps Facebook "f " Logo CMYK / .eps Find us on Facebook! National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) Watch our videos on YouTube! nommaonline Tweet with us on Twitter! @nomma Check out our pictures on Flickr! NOMMA Get connected with us on LinkedIn! National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association Read our Blog, The Scroll! www.nommaonline.blogspot.com As you can see, we (Naylor) redesigned the magazine. I would love your feedback regarding the look and would like to know if the articles included fit your needs and interests as well. If you feel certain topics should be highlighted in future issues, please email your ideas to me at marbella@naylor.com. We want to be sure the articles placed in this magazine are of interest and educate everyone in some way. The first issue of this magazine that Naylor published was a success thanks in part to the advertisers who helped make this magazine possible by purchasing an ad. We thank the advertisers for their support. A lot of time, effort, attention to detail, and careful consideration to the articles placed in this magazine were also taken in order to make this a great benefit to NOMMA members and anyone else associated with this industry. We hope you enjoy reading what's inside. In closing, NOMMA and its members strike me as a close-knit family. Everyone supports each other, and the knowledge is there for the taking and sharing. I am privileged to be joining the NOMMA family and look forward to establishing relationships with as many of you as I can. I will be at FABTECH in Chicago this November and hope to meet many of you while I am there. I do appreciate everyone involved in educating and guiding me while I get my feet planted firmly in your industry. I welcome new ideas, educational sources, and, of course, great content for the magazine. Please feel free to contact me with questions and/or comments. My email address can be found above and my direct line is (352) 333-3391. I look forward to what's to come with my future as your NOMMA editor-in-chief. Marbella Miller September/October 2015 * O&MM Fabricator | 11 http://www.nommaonline.blogspot.com

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O&MM Fabricator - September/October 2015