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MEdiA WHAT'SHOT? Rare Historical Metalsmithing Books Digital publication by the GANOSKIN project We invite you to own the entire collection of manuscripts , and benefit from the ancient wisdom that we are presenting, while supporting the Ganoksin Project. This Rare Collection Includes: 1. A Manual of Electro-Metallurgy, By James Napier, 1860 2. American Watchmaker And Jeweler by Henry G. Abbott, 1896 3. An Introduction To Metalworking, By J. C. Pearson, 1904 4. Art Metal Work and Jewelry by Louis J. Haas, 1916 5. Brass Repousse for Amateurs by Gawthorp, 1902 6. College and Corpoorate plate, South Kensington Museum Art Handbooks, By Wilfred Joseph Cripps, 1881 7. Copper Work, By Augustus F. Rose, 1908 8. Decoration of Metals - Chasing, Repousse and Saw Piercing by John Harrison, 1894 9. Designs for Silversmiths, South Kensington Museum, 1871 10. Diamonds, Pearls and Precious Stones, by Marcell N. Smith, 1913 11. Educational Metalcraft by P. Wylie Davidson, 1913 12. Electro-Plating (with numerous engravings and diagrams), Paul Hasluck, Editor, 1905 13. Enamels and Enamelling, By Paul Randeau (translated from German by Charles Salter), 1912 14. Gemstones and Their Distinctive Characters by G. F. Herbert Smith, 1912 15. General Letter Engraving for Watchmakers, Jewelers and Kindred Trades, by G. F. Whelpley, 1892 16. Gilding, Silvering and Bronzing, edited by Bernard E. Jones, 1918 17. Hall-Marking of Jewellery, Practically Considered, By George E. Gee, 1882 18. Handbook on Electroplating, Polishing, Lacquering, Burnishing, Enamelling. By W. Canning 1907 19. How to Enamel: Practical Enameling of Jewelry with Hard Enamels by Howard M. Chapin, 1911 20. How to Make Jewelry by George S. Overton, 1914 21. Manual of Instruction in Hard Soldering, By Harvey Rowell, 1884 22. Metal-Work, Chasing and Repousse for Home Art Workers by Frank G Jackson, 1903 23. Mixed Metals or Metallic Alloys by Arthur H. Hiorns, 1912 24. Modern Letter Engraving in Theory and Practice, by Fred Holmes Rees, 1898 25. On The Theory and Practice of Art Enamelling Upon Metals, By Henry Cunynghame M.A, 1899 26. Practical Engraving on Metal, by G. A. Banner, 1899 27. Precious Stones: Considered in their Scientific and Artistic Relations by A. H. Church, 1899 28. Repousse Work for Amateurs by L. L. Haslope 29. Sheet-Metal Worker's Guide, By W. J. E. Ceane, 1911 30. Silversmiths Handbook by George E. Gee, 1885 31. Simple Jewellery by R. LL. B. Rathbone, 1910 32. Soldering, Brazing and Welding edited by Bernard E. Jones, 1916 33. The Art of Enamelling on Metal by W. N. Brown, 1914 34. The Art of Enamelling Upon Metal by Alexander Fisher, 1905 35. The Art of Hard Soldering By Henry G. Abbott, 1895 36. The Jewellers Guide and Handy Reference Book by William Redman, 1883 37. The Jewelry Repairer's Handbook by John Keplinger, 1902 38. The Polishing AND Plating of Metals by Herbert J. Hawkins, 1902 39. The Private Book of Useful Alloys and Memoranda for goldsmiths, Jewellers by James Collins, 1871 40. Watchmakers' and Jewelers' Practical Receipt Book, 1892 41. Lost Wax Jewelry Making: The Build-up Technique - Complete Edition 42. A Modern Method of Creating Enameled Filigree Jewelry by Leon Hornstein Complete eBook Edition 43. Doming Silver Beads, by Nancy Howland, 2008 58 | September/October 2015 * O&MM Fabricator The collection covers special techniques in depth like chasing, repousee, engraving, niello making, Japanese chiseling, soldering, construction, patination, metal coloring, silversmithing and more. Many of the tricks and recipes described will save the maker money, as older approaches can sometimes replace modern tools. This project brings jewelry history alive , gives voice again to forgotten authors, their opinions and technical secrets. There are literally thousands of recipes, alloys and processes described in the books, as well as books on gemology and silversmithing masterpieces. Now for limited time we are giving the entire collection away for ONLY $149! ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!

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O&MM Fabricator - September/October 2015