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To accomplish this goal of connecting with
more consumers, Ives said the industry will need
to reduce any barriers that keep people from
considering buying professional pest management services. "PPMA has been engaged significantly in this, helping potential consumers
to be aware of who we are and the benefits of
using us," he said.
Of course, each and every NPMA member
plays a significant role in accomplishing this
particular goal. "We're making consumer connections and creating consumer impressions
every time we're out of our office and also when
we're answering the phones in our office,"
Ives stressed. "The association is positioning
pest management businesses as professional,
trustworthy and consumer-interest oriented.
Everything we do in our own businesses has the
potential to impact that impression, to enhance
it or detract from it."
increasing number of pest
management companies will
use NPMA benefits to improve the quality of their
To reach this goal, the NPMA will work to
engage more industry professionals and promote a more active membership. "We've got
members who don't necessarily know they're

members because they may have joined a
state association that has a joint membership
arrangement with NPMA," Ives explained. "So
there's some work that will be done to help connect those industry members with our association in ways that create value for them."
According to Ives, NPMA has already started
working toward this particular objective.
"There's a lot more outreach from the association," he said. "As members get increasingly
familiar with it, I think they'll find new types
of value in their membership, which can help
them improve their business and the welfare of
their employees."
and pest management
professionals will be the trusted
sources for protecting people, structures and land
from pest related health threats.
As pest-related health threats continue
to make headlines, this goal is top-of-mind
for industry professionals and consumers
across the globe. "Certainly this has come to
the forefront with people talking about West
Nile virus, Zika virus, Hantavirus and other
threats," Ives said. "I think public awareness
right now is reaching a new high in the connection between health threats and pests and
what we're able to do."

Plus, public health leadership could open
the door to a world of new opportunities for
the pest management industry. "It will plug
us into those services that help improve the
health of the public-whether it's related to
insect borne diseases or just helping the public better assess their options for solving pest
problems," Ives said.
NPMA will increase its influence
in the development of balanced and proactive legislation and regulations.
"The fourth goal is positioning related to regulators and policymakers," pointed out Ives. "This
is to make sure we are at the table as policy questions come up that are either specifically related
to us because of the nature of our pest management services, or that connect to us because we
are small businesses." To accomplish this objective, pest management professionals need to
secure a seat at the table and be seen as trusted
resources. This will ensure regulators and policy
makers don't make flawed decisions that could
have a negative impact on the industry.
"Over the coming years, we will be increasingly
reaching out to members to engage with policy
makers at various levels to make sure our industry is heard," Ives added. "This will help us avoid

This May, the P3 Summit discussions culminated with an envisioned future for the
pest management industry. Here are a few of their predictions:
➜ Consumers will embrace and rely on the pest management industry as protectors of public health, property
and environment.
➜ The public will embrace the pest management industry as
protectors of public health, property and the environment
and promote the industry as a respected professional career.
➜ NPMA members will be recognized by the public, public
health agencies, the government and the regulatory community as the trusted resource and solution providers for
ensuring a higher quality of life and property. This will
be accomplished through education, training and public
awareness campaigns.
➜ NPMA member efforts will have more than doubled
the market size of the industry by positioning professional pest management as a valuable, necessary and
environmentally responsible service that has increased
the quality of life for customers. The pest management

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workforce will continue to grow
and businesses will increase job
satisfaction for team members.
➜ NPMA will increase the standards of the industry by driving professionalism and education, helping grow it to a
$30B market.
➜ With the training and competency achieved through
NPMA efforts, members will be able to coordinate regulatory bodies globally and successfully prevent major pest
borne diseases affecting public health.
➜ NPMA, through its member companies, will have effectively responded to public health concerns associated
with pests through science based, multi-cultural education for the broader community.
➜ Members will collaborate to exceed changing customer
expectations and capture the dominant share of the
expanded pest control market.


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