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infocus online connections Beautiful, Profitable Mixes Business-savvy ready mixed producers are looking to this specialty product to increase profits and secure market share Larry Rowland, CCPR, LEED AP B usiness-savvy ready mixed concrete producers are looking to white concrete to increase profits and secure market share. As more customers call for decorative and specialty mixes, they are embracing integral color and jobs that require white cement as a way to increase profits in a lower-volume market. A growing number of ready mixed producers see decorative concrete, white cement and other value-added products as an important segment of their business. In fact, in many areas of the country, value-added mixes are the fastest growing segment of the concrete business, with colored/decorative mixes accounting for more than 35 percent of the concrete sold. The good news is that returns for these specialty projects tend to be much better than standard gray mixes. Where White Cement Shines Due to its clean, low-maintenance finish, white cement concrete is often prescribed for healthcare, retail, educational and other institutional applications. in addition to vertical applications such as architectural walls and columns, white mixes are being used for decorative flatwork, using colors and textures once thought impossible to achieve. White cement gets specified because it delivers uniformity and bright colors not otherwise attainable. By offering mixes their competitors are reluctant to supply, informed producers are earning significantly higher margins than they would with run-ofthe-mill concrete. Although they can be stained or colored, white concrete projects can also rely exclusively on the color of the cement paste and the fine aggregate. Light-colored sands and white cement will meet almost any requirement for highly reflective concrete. Owners looking for a bright atmosphere for high-tech assembly, clean rooms, retail and healthcare are big fans of these brilliant finishes. Tese types of floors pay dividends in energy savings because they require far less artificial lighting to achieve a comfortable level of illumination. Reflective floors combined with natural lighting from skylights or light shelves deliver all around light that eliminates glare and light pooling common with dark finishes. What’s Different About White Cement White portland cement is essentially the same product as gray, except for the color. Manufacturers of white portland cement use White Cement Delivers concrete INFOCUS ı OC5

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Corporate Suite
From Hand Shovels to Keystrokes
Walking on Art
NRMCA’s Design Assistance Program Works for Producers
Maryland Ready Mix Producer Gives Back to Community
Structures That Last
Responsible Sourcing Through CSR Reporting
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Responsible Sourcing Through CSR Reporting
White Cement Delivers Beautiful, Profi table Mixes
Impact of Concrete Quality on Sustainability
Tulsa Driver Named NRMCA Driver of the Year

Concrete inFocus - Summer 2013