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I From the President You Can Make a Difference IT WAS A pleasure to see many representatives of our water and wastewater utilities in Washington DC for the Rural Water Rally. If you were there, it was evident that change is constant in our political process and that change has the potential to impact small/rural communities, our water and wastewater and our entire industry. Will the change be good or bad? No one really knows. However, I DO know that our industry has to be represented in the process and the folks who were in Washington for the Rally did an excellent job of representing the interests of our membership. The fact is, change is all around us. It always was and always will be. Our lives, BY DOUG ANDERTON, NRWA PRESIDENT the whole universe, exists by the grace of continuous change. We know this because we experience it every day. No day is the same. The weather is always changing. Plants, trees, rocks and rivers change. Even our bodies change non-stop. Our relationships, friends, colleagues, customers, suppliers and certainly the impact of politics in Washington D.C. are always changing. The reality is, we will face tough challenges in the political process to ensure that small communities and rural water districts have access to affordable financing, allowing our membership to build, upgrade I encourage everyone who is connected and expand their services to rural residents. A safe quality water with water and wastewater to supply is essential for public health, and wastewater systems are the first line of defense in environmental protection. In politics, the get involved through their state old adage that the squeaky wheel gets the grease is very true and your associations and help guide the political association, with the support of our membership, continues to do an excellent job in representing your needs and concerns in Washington D.C. changes that continuously impact I encourage everyone who is connected with water and wastewater to rural and small water and wastewater get involved through their state associations and help guide the political changes that continuously impact rural and small water and wastewater systems. systems. Your state association can assist you in delivering the message of Rural Water. It can be as simple as attending a town hall meeting, writing an e-mail, contributing to WaterPac or attending an event in Washington D.C. The bottom line is that you as an individual do and can make a difference for the future; the future of your utility, the future of our industry and the future of your association. As your President of NRWA, I say thank you for making our industry what it is today – a profession that is second to none – and for making your association the leader in representing our industry at the local, state and national level. I ask for your continued support and involvement to ensure the best future possible for our children and grandchildren. First Quarter 2013 • 11

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From The President
The Election: What It Means For Rural Water and For Rural America
NRWA...Changing The Language In Washington, D.C.
Broad Support: Poll Finds That Americans Are Willing To Spend On Water Infrastructure
Let Your Voice Be Heard
New Year's Resolution: Stop Mailing Those CCRS and Appreciate The Power of an Association
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2013