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Regulatory Update 2012: The Most Active Year Ever for NRWA’s Policy Agenda BY MIKE KEEGAN, RURAL WATER ANALYST EACH YEAR, NRWA and state rural water associations mobilize volunteer representatives from across the country to petition the federal government and Congress to support federal funding and policy that is most beneficial for small and rural community water priorities. This is our strength. By having thousands of small community representatives organize together with a common message and petitioning the national government and legislature, we can be heard. Our success is directly related to our local volunteers’ ability to be active and persuasive. The federal government and Congress are responsible for many important rural water issues including: circuit rider and technical assistance f unding, water infrastructure funding (USDA, EPA State Revolving Funds, Reclamation, etc.), federal laws like the Safe Drinking Water Action (SDWA), the Clean Water Act (CWA), the Farm Bill, all drinking water and wastewater regulations, etc. 32 • First Quarter 2013 NRWA’s Board of Directors convenes each year to determine priorities and our positions on all relevant policy issues. Funding for circuit riders, technical assistance and water infrastructure remains our highest priority each year. However, in addition to advocating for funding, NRWA is the leading voice for regulatory and policy positions that are in the best interests of small and rural communities. NRWA Board Member and Regulatory Committee Chairman John Sasur (Three Rivers Fire District, Massachusetts) recently identified many of the policies we have been pressing in the last year, saying, “Here is a list of NRWA accomplishments pursued for the benefit of small water and wastewater systems across America over the past year. We are most likely familiar with a number of individual policies, but this consolidated list is impressive, and this is just for the past year. It should be a vital part of our public education campaign. Each one of the thousands of members and potential members of Rural Water should be reminded of the financial benefit every water system receives from the hard work performed by NRWA at the national regulatory level. The benefit from regulatory relief in my water system alone is substantial.” 2012 Policy Initiatives • H.R. 1427 & S. 2166 – SDWA technical assistance authorization legislation introduced in the House and Senate

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2013