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T From the CEO Just One More Thing THIS MARKS MY last year of service to our Rural Water family. In 2014, I will spend much more time with my wife of 43 years and my grandkids, working more in church and on my small ranch. During my 35 years at NRWA, I have been blessed in meeting BY ROB JOHNSON, NRWA CEO so many wonderful people and seeing so much of this incredibly beautiful and diverse nation. In my last few articles in this magazine, I will share some observations of my experiences that perhaps may mean something to you in some small way. From my father, I gained an appetite for hard work and from my mother the necessity to temper it with compassion. My experiences have allowed me to work with a group of exceptionally dedicated and very talented people who have their own unique methods of working and achieving their goals. My first is that in our nation we are all created equal before the law. We are not all given the same gifts and abilities by our creator. As much as I tried and exercised as a teenager, I was still two inches short of dunking a basketball, and at one time, that was really frustrating to me. With age, I have come to appreciate the diversity that God has given us and those who make the most of their gifts and unique abilities. For more than a decade, a small group of state Executive Directors and I have gotten together annually to discuss the current state of affairs as well as the future of Rural Water. Tommy Duck, Jimmy Matthews, Gary Larimore and others have grown to be very close friends over time and I treasure those Having the right attitude, doing conversations and their perspectives. We folone more thing and always low Proverbs 28:23 “He who rebukes a man will afterward find more favor than he who doing the right thing will get flatters with the tongue.” One of my questions you far in life. and observations from that group is why are they successful as Executive Directors? Each comes from a very different educational background and all have difference job experiences prior to becoming successful Executive Directors. None of us are alike; yet all would have been very successful even if we had all chosen a different 44 • First Quarter 2013 vocation. In my opinion, it is about their attitude and determination. Each of these men believes and focuses on being successful and works diligently toward his goals. John Montgomery has worked in our DC office for more years than I have worked for Rural Water. One of his sayings is “just do one more thing.” Sounds simple and I cannot tell you how many times stopping by one more congressional office than we had planned has yielded some unexpected benefits for our Rural Water cause. Jim Dunlap is a former President of our association and a long-serving National Director. One of his admonitions given to him as a young man and that he frequently passed on is “do the right thing.” Again it sounds simple but with that as a guiding principle causes you to consider the consequences of what you do. It may not always win friends but you do sleep better at night. Having the right attitude, doing one more thing and always doing the right thing will get you far in life. Having a great mother and father is not a bad start in life. May God bless you!

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From The President
The Election: What It Means For Rural Water and For Rural America
NRWA...Changing The Language In Washington, D.C.
Broad Support: Poll Finds That Americans Are Willing To Spend On Water Infrastructure
Let Your Voice Be Heard
New Year's Resolution: Stop Mailing Those CCRS and Appreciate The Power of an Association
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2013