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FrOM tHe PreSIDeNt w Moving Forward By Charles Hilton, Nrwa President What happened to 2014? It seems like yesterday was the beginning of the year and we were planning our projects and projections. Well, as I write this, 2014 has come and gone and I hope each of you met with new levels of success during the year. As I ponder the last year, I look at the choice I made 40 years ago to become involved in this industry and make it a lifetime effort. The epitome of that career came in October at the Conference in Seattle when the National Rural Water Association Board of Directors elected me as their new President. It is an honor I cherish, and I am deeply thankful to them for giving me the reins of the greatest professional organization in the world. Thank you, Doug Anderton, for your tremendous leadership and efforts over the past two years. I personally know the incredible amount of time and effort as well as personal sacrifices that you made to lead this organization through two years of challenges and changes. Thank you, Sam Wade. In your new role as CEO of NRWA, you have hit the ground running with a continued and relentless passion for what we do. And to Matt Holmes, again, welcome aboard as you complete your first year as our new Deputy CEO. Your passion and leadership will lead to a more formidable association that is respected and appreciated for its role in the industry. But most of all, thank you to the thousands of system specialists, managers and board members for your daily efforts back home in providing a safe supply of water to our nation, its very lifeblood. I have just received our budget numbers for 2015, and while we did not get everything we asked for (we seldom do), we had a successful year. Through the "Power of Association," our goals were recognized and honored through appropriations that show that our nation's leaders in Congress recognize the tremendous importance of what we do. I would be most remiss if I did not thank Bill Simpson, Fitz Elder, Mike Keegan and Michael Preston for their work in our DC offices. I look forward to serving you as your President over the upcoming year and as I travel from state-to-state, and eagerly anticipate meeting you and personally expressing my thanks for your service to this industry. ● '' I lOOK FOrwarD tO SerVING YOu aS YOur PreSIDeNt OVer tHe uPCOMING Year aND aS I traVel FrOM State-tO-State, aND eaGerlY aNtICIPate MeetING YOu aND PerSONallY exPreSSING MY tHaNKS FOr YOur SerVICe tO tHIS INDuStrY. rural water 11

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From The President By Charles Hilton, NRWA President
Putting the Power of Association to Work By Fiona Soltes
The Team Myth By Gerry Sandusky
The Power of the WaterPro Community By NRWA Staff
Rural Water’s Impact in Washington, DC By NRWA Staff
Save Money, Protect Your System and Keep Your Customers Happy
Joining their Voices: Rural Water Rally
The 16th Annual Great American Water Taste Test
Cloud Seeding: A New Take on an Old Idea By Sandy Smith
How the Cloud is Revolutionizing the Future of Water Utility Management By Kristie Anderson
Regulatory Update By Mike Keegan, NRWA Analyst
Throwing My Loop By Michael Johnson
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From the Ceo By Sam Wade, NRWA CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2015