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tHe POwer OF aSSOCIatION Save Money, Protect Your System n and Keep Your Customers Happy NRWA and state rural water associations are launching three new Affinity Programs designed specifically for rural water members. These programs offer unique services by reputable companies that will be around for the long-term to help you and your system. THIS is the "Power of Association!" Your national and state rural water associations are working together to provide member utilities products, benefits and services to make all of us stronger. Every day, your utility is faced with new challenges, new products, new services and it can be hard to tell which of these offerings are truly valuable. But, because of your membership in the Rural Water family, you can be assured that the products and services offered by rural water associations are of the highest quality available. Utility water loss insurance Most water utilities have some kind of leak adjustment policy, for example, a once-per-year forgiveness of half the leak cost per homeowner. This lost revenue can add up substantially, not to mention the time involved in dealing with unhappy customers. Rural Water has partnered Sunbelt Insurance Group to provide the only insurance-backed program on the market. This service removes all cost you are spending on leak adjustments on your residential customers, and offers them the option to add protection for water and sewer line repairs. It is offered through your utility only - Sunbelt will never bypass you and market anything to your customers. Participating is easy - utilities work directly with Sunbelt to customize the program to your needs. An introductory letter is sent to all customers explaining the program. For example, one utility was able to offer a $1,000 leak protection policy per year for $1.85 per month, with no deductible. This is an easy sell to most customers. Sunbelt Insurance takes on the rest - all the calls and work associated with customer leaks, sign up and questions. This frees up your staff to do other important functions. This program offers the lowest cost coverage for your customer, and allows them to add additional coverage such as water line and sewer line repair/ replacement coverage. Customers that choose this program will be more apt to make the right decision of repairing their lines as opposed to ignoring or not adequately repairing the problem. This leads to an improving infrastructure among your customers, and over time will make your system stronger and reduce the amount of water that is lost each year. All marketing materials help educate your customers not only to their responsibilities but also how they can protect themselves in the future. Cybersecurity insurance Could your utility weather a data security breach? Small and midsize businesses are the top targets of cyber criminals, actually suffering breaches more often than their larger counterparts. A data rural water 29

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From The President By Charles Hilton, NRWA President
Putting the Power of Association to Work By Fiona Soltes
The Team Myth By Gerry Sandusky
The Power of the WaterPro Community By NRWA Staff
Rural Water’s Impact in Washington, DC By NRWA Staff
Save Money, Protect Your System and Keep Your Customers Happy
Joining their Voices: Rural Water Rally
The 16th Annual Great American Water Taste Test
Cloud Seeding: A New Take on an Old Idea By Sandy Smith
How the Cloud is Revolutionizing the Future of Water Utility Management By Kristie Anderson
Regulatory Update By Mike Keegan, NRWA Analyst
Throwing My Loop By Michael Johnson
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From the Ceo By Sam Wade, NRWA CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2015