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teCHNOlOGY How the Cloud is revolutionizing the Future of water utility Management w BY KrIStIe aNDerSON Water utilities across the country are increasingly moving past manual and touch read devices in exchange for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and most recently, Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA). This transition allows utilities of any size and location to move from capturing a monthly or quarterly meter reading for billing purposes only, to a more data-driven approach for improved decision making. This evolution began with walk-by, drive-by technology. Next came AMI technology, which provides hourly meter reading data that can be used proactively to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency and provide the endwater user with an understanding of their water consumption. For rural water utilities, shifting to an AMI fixed network system can also yield a dramatic decrease in labor requirements specific to meter reading, reductions in meter reader injury-related costs, and can often increase the accuracy of the recording of meter readings. AMI systems also provide reductions in vehicle expense and fuel, and very often provide a faster resolution of customer calls and complaints about high bills because more detailed information is now available to the utility personnel. While this technology evolution can provide great benefits, it has historically presented utility staff with a new set of operational challenges, particularly related to the management of AMI communications infrastructure and analytics software and hardware. New technologies and business models, however, are making the move to AMA, the next step, far easier for rural water utilities. 40 FIrSt Quarter 2015

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2015

From The President By Charles Hilton, NRWA President
Putting the Power of Association to Work By Fiona Soltes
The Team Myth By Gerry Sandusky
The Power of the WaterPro Community By NRWA Staff
Rural Water’s Impact in Washington, DC By NRWA Staff
Save Money, Protect Your System and Keep Your Customers Happy
Joining their Voices: Rural Water Rally
The 16th Annual Great American Water Taste Test
Cloud Seeding: A New Take on an Old Idea By Sandy Smith
How the Cloud is Revolutionizing the Future of Water Utility Management By Kristie Anderson
Regulatory Update By Mike Keegan, NRWA Analyst
Throwing My Loop By Michael Johnson
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From the Ceo By Sam Wade, NRWA CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2015