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A Rally to remember a NRWA members gathered in Washington on February 8-10 to advocate for Rural Water A packed crowd greeted Congressman Tom Cole and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack with standing ovations during the opening of National Rural Water Association's annual Rural Water Rally in Washington D.C. this past February 8-10. Cole, (R/OK), praised the quality of Rural Water programs and the "bang for the buck" they provide. He warned, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack addresses the Rural Water Rally. 28 FIRST QUARTER 2016 however, that growing federal deficits were forcing Congress to make difficult spending choices. "The programs that you're interested in, again, these are high value for low cost," he said. "It shouldn't be something that we have to struggle for, but we do because entitlement programs keep squeezing out discretionary spending." Congressman Cole insisted that Congress and the next President would have to make hard choices about issues like Social Security, the deficit and the tax code. He added that they would have to make those choices without limiting critical programs, like those that support clean drinking water. "The people in Flint, Mich. can tell you that if someone isn't doing this job, the consequences of it are terrible," Cole said. Secretary Vilsack also spoke about budget difficulties, though his remarks explained how funding choices, even within the same department, could impact other programs. "One of the challenges is budget," Vilsack said. "You may not think that your situation is related to the Forest Service budget, but it is. When we increase spending on fire suppression, it means we Secretary Vilsack received a standing ovation from the Rural Water Family.

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Strategic Planning for Water Utilities
Planning for Drought
A Rally to Remember
The 17th Annual Great American Water Taste Test
USDA Rural Development Has Loans
Rural Water Association of Utah Launches Successful Training Program
Vermont Rural Water Association Continues Training; Plans More for 2016
From the President
Finance: Investing Without Borders
Emergency Management: Decontamination Strategy for the Water Sector
A Day in the Life of a Circuit Rider: Dell R. Harris, Kentucky Rural Water Association
Case Study: Bubble Diffusers
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2016