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USDA USDA Rural Development Has Loans and Grants Available u USDA Rural Development has low cost infrastructure loans and grants available now to help you provide quality water and waste services to your customers, and we stand ready to assist you! USDA Rural Development has a long, rich history of working with rural America's smallest and most needy communities to provide loan and grant assistance for essential water and sewer infrastructure projects. Since 2009, we have helped more than 18 million rural residents receive new or improved water and waste disposal services, emergency water assistance, and technical help. Our assistance has been as varied as the need: for new or upgraded water and sewage treatment plants, equipment, wells and even water itself for drought-inflicted communities. Our program started as a partnership with rural communities. It was designed with an understanding of how good, clean, affordable and reliable service interconnects with every other aspect of life in rural America and the knowledge of how important rural contributions are to the national economy. Seventy-eight years later, the issues surrounding water are no less critical to our country. And the need for programs like rural development's water program remains high. We are proud of our successes - but we know we can do better. We realize that the funding process for USDA water and waste loans and grants can 34 FIRST QUARTER 2016 be time-consuming. We are working to change that. Our goal is to ensure our loan and grant applicants receive funding decisions within 45 days of submitting a complete application. We have already demonstrated this can be achieved. Grove City, Minnesota sought funding in FY 2015 from Rural Development to replace its more than 50-year-old sewer system. In just 30 days from the time they submitted a complete application, the project was reviewed and funds were obligated. In Georgia, the town of Resaca received loan and grant funding for their sewer project in 48 days from the date a completed application was on hand at Rural Development. Mustang Special Utility District has a similar experience when funds were obligated in 57 days from completed application. USDA Rural Development funded more than $1.6 billion in loans, grants and guarantees in all 50 states over the last year. We have funding available now under the Continuing Resolution, and our success depends on helping you, our rural partners, receive the funding you need to provide essential water and waste services. To reach our goal, we are taking measurable steps to improve and expedite our customers' experiences. Through new streamlined underwriting processes, use of improved technologies, collaboration and outreach, as well as increased employee training and engagement, we are decreasing loan processing times. Many time-saving improvements have already been implemented. On September 28, 2015, we launched RD Apply at the NRWA Water Pro Conference in Oklahoma City. RD Apply is an online system that allows you to complete and

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Strategic Planning for Water Utilities
Planning for Drought
A Rally to Remember
The 17th Annual Great American Water Taste Test
USDA Rural Development Has Loans
Rural Water Association of Utah Launches Successful Training Program
Vermont Rural Water Association Continues Training; Plans More for 2016
From the President
Finance: Investing Without Borders
Emergency Management: Decontamination Strategy for the Water Sector
A Day in the Life of a Circuit Rider: Dell R. Harris, Kentucky Rural Water Association
Case Study: Bubble Diffusers
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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From The CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2016