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UTILITY MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION Rural Water Association of Utah Launches Successful Training Program t BY SHANTELL CUMMINS, RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION OF UTAH The Utility Management Certification Program through National Rural Water Association's Water University is one of their best programs. Designed to build credentials for those in management or seeking management, the program outlines important topics such as Public Relations, Financial Planning, Risk Management, Sustainability and Capacity Development, Human Resources, Ethics, Emergency Preparedness, Water and Wastewater Operations and more. Even the most experienced managers of water or wastewater utilities will benefit from this program by gaining new perspective and receiving recognition for accomplishing this prestigious certification. 36 FIRST QUARTER 2016 How we do it When Rural Water Association of Utah found out about the Utility Management Certification program, we were excited to put together a comprehensive twoday training program in conjunction with the materials and study guide developed through National Rural Water Association's Water University. The presentations were put together to adhere to the study guide. Our Chief Financial Officer, Vern Steel, covers the financial topics, our Field Staff Supervisor and Management Technician, Terry Smith, covers the technical aspects followed by our Executive Director, Dale Pierson, who handles the managerial portion of the training. Developing presentations that follow the study guide and having our state association experts present each topic makes the program easy for the attendees to follow along and comprehend. We have had so much success with this program that we have been able to streamline the training and exam into a single day event, saving the attendees, as well as the presenters, time and money. Getting certified The two-hour certification exam is offered as part of the training program we have developed, and takes place at the end of the training. That means that part of coordinating this training

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Strategic Planning for Water Utilities
Planning for Drought
A Rally to Remember
The 17th Annual Great American Water Taste Test
USDA Rural Development Has Loans
Rural Water Association of Utah Launches Successful Training Program
Vermont Rural Water Association Continues Training; Plans More for 2016
From the President
Finance: Investing Without Borders
Emergency Management: Decontamination Strategy for the Water Sector
A Day in the Life of a Circuit Rider: Dell R. Harris, Kentucky Rural Water Association
Case Study: Bubble Diffusers
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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From The CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2016