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A Regular Job a Long Way Away Paul Jones, an Iowa native and retired science teacher, spends winters working at the utility plant in Antarctica's McMurdo Station. BY MARY LOU JAY WORKING AT A water plant in Antarctica in November, December and January each year sounds like a cold and difficult assignment. But Paul Jones, who has helped run the facility at the U.S. research base at McMurdo Station since 2004, doesn't consider it a big deal. "It's just like working at a water plant in Iowa in the winter time. I'm inside where it's warm and clean and dry," he said. Jones, an Iowa native, sometimes gets a respite from the worst cold. When he's there during the Antarctica summer, the temperatures at the camp average somewhere in the upper 20s. "Forty 34 * Second Quarter 2014 degrees is not uncommon and below zero is uncommon," Jones said. "This year, when I would check temperatures, it would be warmer at McMurdo than it was in Iowa by a long shot." Jones taught science at Montezuma High School in Iowa for 36 years, but had decades of experience with water

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From the President
Adjusting to the New Normal
Facts About North Dakota Fracking and Water Use
Meeting the Goal of Sustainable, Efficient, Affordable Rural Water Systems
Let's Be Clear - The Fire Chief Project
A Regular Job a Long Way Away
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
NRWA’s First CEO, Raymond Keith (RK) Johnson, Passes Away
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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2014