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Regulatory Update BY MIKE KEEGAN, NRWA ANALYST THE FOLLOWING ARE summaries of recent articles covered on NRWA'S Washington, DC, homepage ( For more information, or the original documents for any of these summaries, please visit the homepage. If you have a comment or position that you would like to be considered by the NRWA Regulatory Committee, please let us hear from you ( EPA lead and copper panel first meeting held recently - focusing on two major goals: 1. to establish a strong foundation for the working group and 2. to begin discussing optimal corrosion control treatment provisions in the LCR. Specific topics include: reviewing the current LCR and background for the long-term revisions; reviewing the working group's mission, operating procedures and proposed timeline; and discussing any suggestions you have for topics in addition to those described in the white paper. Analysis of the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) impacts  - currently, a House-Senate Conference Committee is negotiating a final version of the Water Resources Development Act (S. 601, WRDA), which could include a Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) provision. The support for WIFIA is largely based on two misconceptions: 1. that large communities are unfairly underserved by the state revolving funds (SRFs), and 2. that allowing EPA appropriations to be used for a new water infrastructure program that eliminates the current requirements to target state priorities and the neediest projects is preferable to the current SRF. NRWA is releasing the following documents in response to recent Congressional inquiries: Second Quarter 2014 * 45

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From the President
Adjusting to the New Normal
Facts About North Dakota Fracking and Water Use
Meeting the Goal of Sustainable, Efficient, Affordable Rural Water Systems
Let's Be Clear - The Fire Chief Project
A Regular Job a Long Way Away
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
NRWA’s First CEO, Raymond Keith (RK) Johnson, Passes Away
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2014