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Throwing My Loop... Cuidado! BY MICHAEL JOHNSON CUIDADO - SPANISH. (qwee-da-do) - (Be careful! Watch out!) LONG AGO, WHEN I began writing for love (as opposed to writing for technical journals) I promised myself I would only write about good things, not sad subjects or depressing things. I'm about to break that WaterMaster® Fire Hydrants have set the standard for reliability and ease of maintenance. Made in the USA. rule. I don't want to write this, but if I do, I pray that maybe - just maybe - you will never do what I did. Like most bad days do, it started off just fine. On this pretty morning, Sherry had gone to Colorado for the weekend to see the grand kids, and the Rowdy Cow Dog and I were cooking and batching for a few days. I decided to ride into the front pasture and clean up some of the debris from the recent ice storm. The tall ash tree the storm had claimed - now lying across the fence - was first on my list. I carefully placed the tractor tines under the 60-foot-long beast to get just the right balance, lifted it up, and we were on our way. Out of the pasture we went, through the yard, and into the big field and woods on the back side of the farm. After arriving at a large brush pile, I carefully lifted the tree even higher and over the center of the pile so I could drop it in just the right place. I pulled on the hydraulic lever to drop the tree - and felt a wave of nausea. I looked over at Rowdy, who was safely out of the way, and thought, "I love you, dog." Because Learn more at or call 800 626 4653 East Jordan Iron Works is now EJ 681273_EJ.indd 1 Second Quarter 2014 * 49 PM 13/02/14 10:23

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From the President
Adjusting to the New Normal
Facts About North Dakota Fracking and Water Use
Meeting the Goal of Sustainable, Efficient, Affordable Rural Water Systems
Let's Be Clear - The Fire Chief Project
A Regular Job a Long Way Away
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
NRWA’s First CEO, Raymond Keith (RK) Johnson, Passes Away
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2014