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PuBlIC relatIONS aND MarketING You Own Your Dreams You Get results Based On Your Choices p BY walt GraSSl Paul and Sara were attending a luncheon that brought together colleagues from their office as well as recently retired colleagues. Sara commented to Paul some of the retirees seemed very happy and others were looking a bit lost - just as it was back at the office. She asked Paul if he had any idea why. She could understand the differences in the workplace, but not in retirement. Paul was a senior manager and had kept in touch with many of the retirees. He said the ones who were happy, both at the office and in retirement, were the ones who owned their lives. They didn't seek the approval of others when making choices. They took responsibility for the outcomes of their choices. Paul gave Sara five questions he used to help the people he coached and mentored find happiness at work and in life. Are you competing with others? Most of us have heard the phrase, "Keeping up with the Joneses." The technical term is "conspicuous consumption," demonstrating social status by the accumulation of possessions. Do you compare the car you drive, the clothes you wear, 32 FOurtH Quarter 2015 and the smartphone you use to those of your neighbors and colleagues? When we do this, we are either showing off our success to others or wanting what others have. This focus on the others keeps us from evaluating ourselves based on what we want and what we are capable of doing. This is always a dangerous game with no winners. When you move from a cubicle to an office, your joy quickly fades when you realize Jennifer Jones has a bigger office. When you get your window office, your joy quickly fades when you see Cyrus Washington has a corner window office. Someone always has something better than you. Are you seeking approval from others? Many people believe that unless we have the approval of others, we are not worth anything. They often get good grades in school, excel at sports or the arts, or choose a profession to seek

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From the President
Who’s Telling Your Story?
Communications 101
Quality on Tap!
New Affinity Partner Takes the Pain Out of Having a Website for your Town or Water System
You Own Your Dreams
Another Successful WaterPro Conference
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2015