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feature | STEAM SHOWERS GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Recognize that possibly 60 percent of all steam showers in service are operating marginally or ineffectively. The true cost of running a unit should be evaluated against the anticipated benefits, considering the total steam cost including make-up water and boiler operation. 2. Determine the direct operating and maintenance costs associated with your system. Can the machine run slower (and produce a good product) without using a steam shower? Are there headbox issues, formation problems, low vacuum, white water temperature or crown issues? What about other options for improving consistency, i.e., exhaust heat recovery or a hot air knife? Be sure to consider the total cost of operating a steam shower unit versus sheet quality improvements alone. Does your steam shower mask other process operational issues? 3. Identify a technical specialist to collect basic data and information about your steam shower system and machine conditions. Parent Reel & Roll Packaging/Handling Solutions Flexibility to meet your needs Mechadyne Machine, Inc. is a global supplier of Roll Handling, Identification and Packaging equipment/ systems. Specializing in roll-form products, Mechadyne provides high quality equipment and integrated systems that help lower costs and improve efficiencies in both the primary manufacturing and the converting segments of the pulp, paper, paperboard and tissue industries. Mechadyne Machine Inc. 434 Industrial Park Road Cartersville, Georgia 30121 684670_Mechandyne.indd 1 770.606.8770 Phone 770.606.8771 Fax www.mechadyne.com 4. Ongoing inspection and repair, as with any other complex process system, should be considered essential to assure good performance. Should you continue to use a complex system that may be more expensive to operate and manage than you realize, and should you hire an expert to conduct a thorough evaluation? 5. Review vendor information and drawings of the steam system and controls. 6. Utilize the data and information contained herein to: review performance of the specific machine, help identify specific anomaly conditions, and as a training tool for newer employees. 7. Facilities currently experiencing performance issues may want to consider conducting a more controlled trial to determine if the recommendations discussed herein can definitely improve results. 8. Operating experiences on several similar machines could be shared in an effort to develop a more comprehensive list of maintenance practices and operating guidelines for your mill and/or company. An objective could be to include steam shower performance data from similar machines into a comprehensive report as a benchmarking tool. Gary Wamsley is President of JoGar Energy Services, specializing in energy assessments and process systems reviews for industrial plants. Contact him at: gary.wamsley@comcast.net. REFERENCES Cutshall, Keith, Uniform Papers, Inc. TAPPI: Survival Guide for Steam Showers. Honeywell ASCA, Inc. Devronizer Steam Showers. Metso-VIB Apparatebau GmbH. Steam Profiler Systems. Wells, Phillip, Wells Enterprises, Inc. TAPPI: Optimizing Steam Showers. 3/17/14 5:29 PM MTorres is a manufacturer of high quality, highly automated unwinds and splicers for many converting industries, including tissue and nonwovens. We offer a unique advantage to the unwinding process, something that is often overlooked. All of our unwinds are center driven, not belt driven. This enables us to offer better control of the reel during the winding process, eliminates the possibility of "marking" the roll, especially with TAD or other structured tissue, and reduces the dust of other systems. Our splicing takes place at zero speed, ensuring extremely high splice reliability and less wasted paper. Our tension control is another key to our success, and something that is unique to our equipment. 22 Tissue360º 686842_Myron.indd 1 SPRING/SUMMER 2014 21/03/14 2:48 AM 686319_MTorres.indd 1 www.mtorresamerica.com BOTHELL - WA (USA) 21520 30th Drive SE, Suite 210 Bothell, WA 98021 Phone: (+1) 425-948-2700 Fax: (+1) 425-984-2735 info@mtorresamerica.com www.tappi.org PM 25/03/14 4:11 http://www.mechadyne.com http://www.mechadyne.com http://www.myronl.com http://www.mtorres.com http://www.mtorresamerica.com http://www.tappi.org

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