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setpoint A recycled fiber shortage? Beginning on page 16 of this issue is an article exploring the possible shortage of recycled fibers developing off and on around the world. What this means for tissue is not so clear as with some of the other grades such as corrugated and packaging, but tissue certainly is not immune to the many problems that a global recycled fiber shortage could bring. Somewhere near 40 percent of the tissue produced in North America is made with recovered fiber, and of course most of that is aimed at away-from-home markets, except perhaps some of the "premium" grades being made with recycled fiber using technologies such as Voith's ATMOS. In North America, 65 to 70 percent of the tissue market is in the at-home sector, with virgin fiber accounting for about 80 percent of that production. The away-from-home sector represents about 30 percent of tissue product demand in North America. Some industry observers believe that tissue has reached the global and U.S. maximum recycled fiber level, and probably will begin to decline in the not too distant future. There's a distinct reason for that, of course-we're making less P&W papers, and that's the traditional source for tissue, especially away-fromhome grades. As markets have shifted, use of P&W papers in tissue has become progressively uneconomical. Most likely, if recovered fiber shortages begin reaching into the tissue industry, especially impacting the away-from-home sector, producers will turn more to virgin fiber, which right now is in plentiful supply, and could become even more plentiful in coming years. China, in fact, already one of the world's largest tissue producers, took the virgin fiber route from the very beginning, and is expected to keep going in that direction into the future. COLLAPSING QUALITY Another problem directly related to the fact that recycling rates in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. are approaching the ceiling of what can be collected is the pronounced decline in recovered fiber quality. Recycling formats such as single stream, designed to make collections easier, have undermined quality. Fiber also often doesn't meet mill specifications. Mixing many grades of paper and board creates a sorting nightmare. Fiber quality deterioration is especially damaging to tissue lines. But switching more to virgin fiber going forward also creates potential problems for tissue producers. In some cases, extensive modifications have to be made to the stock preparation and paper machine areas. Then, of course, there are cost considerations. Finally, many environmentalists basically don't like the idea of virgin fiber in tissue and towel products, mainly because tissue cannot be or is not effectively recycled. Flushing a virgin wood fiber product down the toilet and/or tossing it in the garbage for landfilling in many camps is considered an environmental "sin," and is the main driver behind the push for alternatives fibers such as bamboo in tissue and toweling. KEN PATRICK Editorial Director/Associate Publisher, Tissue360°. EDITORIAL STAFF ADMIN/PRODUCTION/SALES KEN PATRICK Editorial Director/Associate Publisher kpatrick@tappi.org PUBLISHER Pam Blasetti pblasseti@naylor.com INTEGRATED MEDIA DIRECTOR Shane Holt sholt@naylor.com (352) 333-3345 MANAGING EDITOR Michael Senecal msenecal@naylor.com SALES ASSOCIATES Tony Chiccarello tchiccarello@naylor.com MARKETING Lauren Branin lbranin@naylor.com Shaun Greyling sgreyling@naylor.com LARRY N. MONTAGUE, President & CEO, TAPPI lmontague@tappi.org ERIC FLETTY, VP Operations, TAPPI efletty@tappi.org GLENN OSTLE Editorial Director/Associate Publisher, Paper360 ° gostle@tappi.org Shane Holt sholt@naylor.com John O'Neil joneil@naylor.com Jason Ruppert jruppert@naylor.com INTERNATIONAL SALES Murray Brett murray.brett@abasol.net DESIGN Sunny Goel MONICA SHAW, Editorial Director, TAPPI Journal mshaw@tappi.org ELISE HITCHCOCK, Online Exclusives Editor ehitchcock@tappi.org 6 Tissue360º SPRING/SUMMER 2014 www.tappi.org http://www.tappi.org

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