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guest editorial TAPPI Birthday! In late September 2006, I received a congratulatory call from a good friend who found out that I had accepted the position to head TAPPI. During our conversation he asked if I thought I'd still be at the helm when TAPPI celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015. I didn't know how to answer him. I didn't even know where the coffee or the restrooms were, let alone what I had truly signed on for. Today, I can answer my friend's question easily and without hesitation: I'm still here, and loving every minute! Soon after I joined TAPPI, I realized that I had only a superficial understanding of the association. It was a place where standards were set, courses were taught and conferences and trade shows were organized. Today, I have an infinitely greater appreciation of and respect for our organization, which throughout its history has grown through the efforts of terrific and talented people, great leadership and a charter that is as relevant today as it was in 1915, when 30 individuals decided it was time to form a group to address the technical aspects of the pulp and paper industry. TAPPI has come a long way over the past 100 years, and my hat goes off to all the hard-working board and staff members who have sailed this great ship in both good times and bad. I'm also in awe of the sacrifices made by a multitude of TAPPI volunteers. These people have given of themselves to improve our industry for others. They have to be the most dedicated and passionate group of professionals I have ever encountered. Watching TAPPI grow and become more effective has filled me with pride. Some accomplishments over just the past decade include: * An impressive financial turnaround-seven straight years in the black. * The introduction of two highly regarded print publications: Paper360° and Tissue360°. * The creation of TAPPISAFE™, the first industry-supported safety orientation and verification program. * The merging of PIMA into the TAPPI Management Division, and the creation of new divisions for tissue, nanotechnology, and young professionals. * The reestablishment of the largest annual pulp and paper technical and management conference and trade show in North America: PaperCon. * The creation of the TAPPI Consulting Council. * The expansion of TAPPI student chapters to 31 schools, the newest being Clemson, the Rochester Institute of Technology and Clark Atlanta University. * The expansion of the TAPPI scholarship program that provides $140,000 in scholarships and awards every year. * Growth in membership, particularly in the young professional and student categories. We now have members in 66 countries, and more than 20 percent of our members are located outside the United States. * TAPPI's involvement in the Technologically Advanced Workforce Initiative, which serves as a catalyst for collaboration between industry, government and academia. * A website that hosts more than 30,000 unique visitors each month (and which will be totally revamped by the end of this year), and an online library that gives access to more than 20,000 documents. * Providing management services to ASPI, PIMA, NAPIM, FPS and PPSA. I'm incredibly proud of our members and our staff for all these efforts and accomplishments. Happy birthday, TAPPI. I can't wait to see what you accomplish in your next 100 years! LARRY N. MoNTAGUE | TAPPI PRESIDENT AND CEo EDITORIAL STAFF ADMIN/PRODUCTION/SALES DESIGN Sunny Goel GLENN OSTLE Editorial Director/Associate Publisher PUBLISHER Pam Blasetti INTEGRATED MEDIA DIRECTOR Shane Holt (352) 333-3345 LARRY N. MONTAGUE, President & CEO, TAPPI ERIC FLETTY, VP Operations, TAPPI KEN PATRICK, Senior Editor MANAGING EDITOR Michael Senecal MARKETING Lauren Branin SALES ASSOCIATES Shaun Greyling Nicholas Manis John O'Neil Jason Ruppert Matthew Yates INTERNATIONAL SALES Murray Brett MONICA SHAW, Editorial Director, TAPPI Journal SAMANTHA GEIER, Online Exclusives Editor 6 Paper360º MARCH/APRIL 2015

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