Paper360 - March/April 2015 - (Page 8) case you missed it in TAPPI's weekly electronic newsletter HIGH-TECH FIBERBOARD FROM WASTE FIBER ECOR is a new "green" high-strength fiberboard building material, made from waste materials, that is light, strong and flexible and that can be made into just about any shape, including complex molded shapes, without the need for any glues, harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients. A product of San Diego-based Noble Environmental Technologies Corp., ECOR can be used for everything from interior home design and furnishings to furniture, construction and consumer products and can integrate a wide range of colors and textures. A panel of ECOR is similar to other panel products, including sheetrock, composites, particle board and others, but it is 75 percent lighter than conventional panels, making it ideal for packaging, signage and displays as well as for applications such as stage sets and interior design elements. According to published reports, ECOR is a USDA-certified, 100 percent bio-based, recycled product made from 100 percent cellulose fiber materials. Fiber sources include an unlimited variety of readily available, low-cost, underutilized and waste raw material sources, including old corrugated cardboard (OCC), old newspaper (ONP), office paper, discarded wood chips, residual agricultural fibers, kenaf, oats, coffee, coconut and other waste fibers available worldwide. THE WORLD'S GREENEST BEVERAGE CARTON Finnish dairy producer Valio has become the first company in the world to sell products to consumers in carton packaging made entirely from plant-based materials. The package, Tetra Rex, is manufactured solely from a combination of plastics derived from plants and paperboard, forming a low-density polyethylene and a laminate film of the packaging material, A highdensity polyethylene is used for the cap. Both are made from sugarcane as raw material. Valio has introduced the package with lactose-free semi-skimmed milk in retail outlets across Finland. They are using feedback from that rollout to determine how to use the cartons more broadly across their range of chilled products. CROWN PAPER GROUP TO ACqUIRE PORT TOWNSEND PAPER MILL, CROWN PACKAGING, BOxMASTER, AND DISTRIBUTION CENTERS Crown Paper Group will acquire Port Townsend Holdings Company, which includes the Port Townsend Paper mill in Port Townsend, WA; the Crown Packaging plant in Vancouver BC; the Boxmaster packaging plant, also in Vancouver; and Distribution Centers in Kelowna, BC, and Calgary, AB. Crown Paper Group is a holding company created in 2015 for investments in the paper and packaging industries. The executive leaders of Crown Paper Group have worked together in the paper and packaging industry for a century and a half (collectively) building high performance businesses. "We are energized by the opportunity to work with the customers and employees of the Port Townsend Paper mill, Crown Corrugated, and Boxmaster," said Crown Paper Group CEO Steve Klinger. "We have a track record of engaging employees in involved and productive workplaces, embracing safe work practices, minimizing our environmental footprint, and partnering with the communities in which we operate." 8 Paper360ยบ MARCH/APRIL 2015

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