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trendspotting | ENGINEERING A Continuing Evolution A mill engineer today must wear many hats and be prepared to take on non-technical challenges. GRAEME RODDEN Although their numbers may be diminished, the role of an engineer in a pulp, paper or board mill is constant: to solve problems. How they solve these problems has changed. Simple numbers also play a big role. Doing more with less (staff, money) is a continuing struggle. Technology has brought about a huge transformation. For the most part, it helps. But sometimes the massive amount of information now available at the touch of a button can be overwhelming. Jacques "Engineers coming from this industry are seen as some of the best because of the complexity of a pulp and paper mill. The amount of machining tolerance that has to go into a headbox is mind boggling." - Jacques Perrault 14 Paper360º MARCH/APRIL 2016

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Over the Wire
Engineering: A Continuing Evolution
RISI’s European CEO of the Year
Sappi Europe: Serious About the Future of Paper
Reliability and Maintenance Beliefs – Part IV
Discovering Hidden Causes of Converting Problems
Barrier Technologies: The New Revolution in Food Packaging
Standard Bleaching Sequences Including an Ozone Stage – Part I
TAPPI Journal Summaries
Consolidation Watch
SWM Gets Faster ERP Financial Data
Battling Rejection Burnout
Association News
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Paper360 - March/April 2016