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setpoint Best Stuff, Best Order JAN BOTTIGLIERI | "Why is it important for engineers to appreciate poetry?" This was the question posed recently to a young man being considered for a scholarship at the University of Alabama - a young man who comes from a family full of talented paper industry engineers. I think it's a great question. I've always felt that engineers and poets have a lot in common: they're both concerned with efficient use of resources, mathematical elegance and precision. Both must pull together disparate elements into a whole that somehow achieves more than the sum of its parts. The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge said that poetry is "the best words, in the best order." For engineers, it might be closer to say "the best stuff, in the best order:" the best equipment, the best tech, the best people. The engineer's job is to find the most logical, efficient, out-of-the-box solution to whatever problem is plaguing your PM, your mill or your process. That sounds like pure poetry to me. I mention this for two reasons. First, the focus of this March/April issue is engineering. In our cover story, Senior Editor Graeme Rodden pulls together a variety of sources to provide a "360° view" of how the mill engineer's role is changing, and what challenges the future may bring. In addition, Senior Editor Mark Rushton offers a candid, insightful look at Sappi Europe, a company making bold investments in projects designed to meet that future head-on. This issue also includes an exclusive interview with PPI's European CEO of the Year Kari Jordan, president and chief executive officer of Metsä Group, who shares his insights into the "massive and successful" transformation that has put the company into a position of profitability and growth. You'll also find articles on maintenance and reliability, financial data reporting, grade consolidation and more - and of course, I like to think that Paper360°'s content always gives readers the "best stuff, in the best order." My second reason for "waxing poetic" is that April is National Poetry month. I challenge our readers to ask themselves the question posed to that promising future engineer. I would love to hear your answers. Feel free to drop me a note. If you really enjoy a challenge, why not write it in iambic pentameter? EDITORIAL STAFF ADMIN/PRODUCTION/SALES JAN BOTTIGLIERI Editorial Director PUBLISHER Pam Blasetti LARRY N. MONTAGUE President & CEO, TAPPI MANAGING EDITOR Leslee Masters ERIC FLETTY VP Operations, TAPPI INTEGRATED MEDIA DIRECTOR Shane Holt (352) 333-3345 INTERNATIONAL SALES Murray Brett GLENN OSTLE Editor Emeritus SALES ASSOCIATES Shaun Greyling MARKETING Lauren Branin GRAEME RODDEN Senior Editor, North and South America Nicholas Manis DESIGN BK Publication Design MARK RUSHTON Senior Editor, Europe and Asia Jason Ruppert Raymond Strickland Mattew Yates John O'Neil KEN PATRICK Senior Editor MONICA SHAW Editorial Director, TAPPI Journal 6 Paper360º MARCH/APRIL 2016

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Paper360 - March/April 2016

Over the Wire
Engineering: A Continuing Evolution
RISI’s European CEO of the Year
Sappi Europe: Serious About the Future of Paper
Reliability and Maintenance Beliefs – Part IV
Discovering Hidden Causes of Converting Problems
Barrier Technologies: The New Revolution in Food Packaging
Standard Bleaching Sequences Including an Ozone Stage – Part I
TAPPI Journal Summaries
Consolidation Watch
SWM Gets Faster ERP Financial Data
Battling Rejection Burnout
Association News
Index of Advertisers

Paper360 - March/April 2016