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MILL WISE NEW PULP MILL Eldorado Brasil Begins Operations in the Pulp Industry The world's largest single line bleached pulp project stands out for the speed of its completion and its cutting-edge technology DIVULGAÇÃO ELDORADO/JOÃO QUESADO CAROLINE MARTIN Originally published in O Papel magazine T wo years ago, a cornerstone was set in Três Lagoas (Mato Grosso do Sul), Brazil, as a marker of the future installation of an industrial unit that was still under design. The boldness of its creators surprised the industry: it was the world’s biggest single line pulp factory. Eldorado Brasil, inaugurated on December 12, 2012, attracted the attention of the industry’s professionals, not only in Brazil but worldwide. The industrial project, which has a production capacity of 1.5 million metric tons 10 Paper360º JULY/AUGUST 2013 of bleached pulp per year, was guided by the commitment to the established schedule. “Despite the short time (24 months) for building such a complex factory, we completed each stage with excellence and quality, with no schedule changes or delays,” technical and industrial director Carlos Monteiro proudly claims. The selection and purchase of cutting edge equipment were part of Eldorado’s tight construction schedule. As early as November 2010, for example, Andritz Brasil Ltda. received an order for the supply of areas such as the lumber yard, the complete fiber line, the drying/baling plant and the white liquor plant—adding up to 70 percent of the factory’s equipment. The lumber yard comprises three wood chipping lines, conveyors, wood chip storage and retrieval system, four screens, along with a biomass storage and distribution system. The fiber line includes a Lo-Solids digester plus washing, cleaning and bleaching units based on Andritz’s DD-Washer technology. According to the vendor, the cutting edge fiber line technology provides the highest performance and efficiency levels, with minimum consumption of chemicals.

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