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SETPOINT Living with the Genie D igital is here. While it seems to have arrived with a roar, in actuality it has come as a steady incursion into our daily lives. What was once the sole domain of print media is now frequently served electronically. Who would have thought that one day we would be holding the last printed copy of Newsweek? The digital genie is definitely out of the bottle and as much as we sometimes would like to, there’s no stuffing him back in. Many in the paper industry still rail against him and look for quick fixes, such as the need to do a better job of telling paper’s sustainability story. But despite the fact that paper’s story is being told better today than at any time in the past (shout out to Two Sides and other groups that promote the sustainability of print and paper), the rapid growth of digital applications hasn’t abated, nor has the erosion of demand for publication grades in developed markets. Digital will continue to thrive despite its awful environmental story of pollution, huge energy wastes, and toxic landfills (a story that really hasn’t been told very well). Rather than resisting the rise of digital, the paper and print industry is best served when it takes the digital genie by the hand and looks for innovative ways to work together; each medium doing what it does best. Print on paper is familiar, comforting and beautiful, and digital is immediate, easy to use and accessible. There are a number of companies that have taken a step into what has become known as Augmented Reality, or AR, which directly links digital information with tangible objects . . . such as print. In this issue you’ll find an example of AR from a company called Layar. The idea is simple. Smart phone or tablet users download a free app which allows them to use their electronic devices to scan a “Layared” print page (or box, or cup, or whatever) and immediately link to additional digital content. For instance, a company could “Layar” a container which when scanned would immediately provide the reader with more information about that product, (ingredients, assembly instructions, warranties, specifications, parts ordering, etc), in a variety of forms. Sort of a QR code on steroids. A number of major consumer companies have already utilized this technology including Nissan which last year launched an AR print campaign that was viewed by 8 million viewers in a single day. In this issue we’ve tried to demonstrate how this technique works by “augmenting” a number of articles and ads. Below is a simple explanation of how to download the app. Once you have done so, flip back to the cover, scan the images there, and see where they take you. Every time you see the Layar logo throughout the rest of the issue, you’ll have the opportunity to access more information. You can even scan my photo and listen to a video of me discussing this concept: Give up print? Never. Continue to look for ways to make it work better and smarter? You bet! GLENN OSTLE EDITORIAL STAFF GLENN OSTLE EDITORIAL DIRECTOR/ ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER LARRY N. MONTAGUE PRESIDENT & CEO, TAPPI ERIC FLETTY VP OPERATIONS, TAPPI KEN PATRICK SENIOR EDITOR MONICA SHAW EDITORIAL DIRECTOR, TAPPI JOURNAL ELISE HITCHCOCK ONLINE EXCLUSIVES EDITOR ADMIN/PRODUCTION/SALES PUBLISHER PAM BLASETTI MANAGING EDITOR MICHAEL SENECAL MARKETING LISA PALO INTEGRATED MEDIA DIRECTOR SHANE HOLT (352) 333-3345 SALES ASSOCIATES SHAUN GREYLING NICHOLAS MANIS JOHN O’NEIL JASON RUPPERT MATTHEW YATES INTERNATIONAL SALES MURRAY BRETT DESIGN SUNNY GOEL REPRINTS Download the free Layar app at: 4 Paper360º JULY/AUGUST 2013

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Over the Wire . . . News Summary
Ready for Print 2.0?
Eldorado Brasil Begins Operations in the Pulp Industry
Newark’s Frank Papa on Leadership and Innovation
Tissue Mill Dewaters Pulp with Innovative Disc Filter
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Next Generation Enzymes for the Paper and Pulp Industry
The Best Resources for Your Best Resources
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Paper360 - July/August 2013