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TRENDSPOTTING PRINT 2.0 Ready for Print 2.0? Creative collaboration between print and digital will ultimately enhance the value of paper SIMONA MARCELLUS I n the late 1990s the term “Web 2.0” was coined to describe the next generation of interactive websites. Now it seems “Print 2.0” may be next, referring to the combining of print with digital. Although Print 2.0 is not yet a household term, the concept of creating interactive print is very real for a number of companies. It involves combining traditional print vehicles like magazines, newspapers, and ads, with digital elements readers have grown accustomed to using online; videos, social media, online shopping, blogs, product reviews, and content previews. Today’s savvy consumers want more than just information—they expect an experience. GETTING LAYARED One company driving the interactive print movement is Layar which has developed an app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring print to life. According to the company, AR is a way of viewing digital information which has been superimposed—or augmented—onto a live view of the physical, real-world environment. Layar U.S. General Manager and cofounder, Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, has been busy spreading the word about the benefits of uniting print and digital, most recently at TAPPI’s PaperCon 2013 conference in Atlanta. “Print is about utility, about conveying information for a certain utilitarian purpose 8 Paper360º JULY/AUGUST 2013 like a package showing you how to use the ingredients,” says Lens-FitzGerald. “AR is a method to make these uses come alive. For magazines it enables engagement with content as you would online: like it, share it and comment on it. Or get more into it by viewing a slide show or a video. “Why not buy it straight off the page?” suggests Lesn-FitzGerald. “Most retailers have mobile phone-enabled commerce sites. AR can link the printed page to these fulfi llment sites. No need to write down the links and go to a computer to buy it. Just scan the image and immediately place an order.” Augmented Reality is already yielding positive results for consumer industries. Last year, Nissan launched an interactive print campaign using Layar’s AR app. More than 8 million readers viewed the campaign in one day, which lead to more than 6,500 page views at a 42 percent click-through rate. Nissan reported test drives for the Nissan Altima increased by 65 percent as a result of the interactive print campaign. QUAD CONNECTS Another company in the print/digital integration business is Quad/Graphics, the global printer and media channel integrator that for more than four decades has been “redefining print.” The company’s interactive print solutions group has a suite of products focused on the next age of print media including QR codes, Image Recognition (IR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Near Field Communication (NFC). While the term Image Recognition may conjure up images of The Terminator, it is now a viable media solution which allows consumers to activate an image by connecting to mobile content. Their Augmented Reality

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