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and The Evolution Through Success of a Colorado High School PROJECT-BASED LEARNING Michelle Mack and Jackson Westenskow T ransforming a diminishing public high school into a thriving institution is not a process for the faint of heart. The metamorphosis involves trial and error, satisfaction and frustration, time well spent, time wasted, and-if the change is successful-pride in a job well done, while still understanding that the work is always in progress. The teachers and administrators at William Smith High School (WSHS) in Aurora, CO, experienced this as they reformed their small alternative high school, which functioned as a last chance for many troubled students in the large district of nearly 38,000 students. The goal of the reformation was to create a place of learning that would work with the same population, but with better results, academically and affectively. 16 Principal Leadership | October 2014

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The Evolution and Success of a Colorado High School Through Project-Based Learning
Leveraging the Power of Partnerships
Technology and Engineering Through Robotics
Unleashing a Culture of College and Career Readiness
The Impact of Social Inclusion on School Climate
Product-Oriented Learning: Nurturing Student Entrepreneurship
Teaching Social Science in a Rural Community

Principal Leadership - October 2014