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Executive Summary What’s Trending TIM BACKSTROM, 2013-14 PRESIDENT PRSM ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS I t’s a rapidly changing world for retailers of all store sizes and of all types. Managing product demands and keeping up with customer buying preferences occupies a great deal of any retail company’s resources. It’s at the cash register, however, where all that work delivers the ultimate KPI, and it’s in that store environment where many times the deal is sealed. When the customer walks through the door and is greeted by a sales associate or simply disappears into a maze of racks and shelving, there isn’t much else that marketing or the strategy consultants can do. It’s all about the store: floors, lighting, temperature, wall coverings— sight, smell and sound—the exclusive, orchestrated domain of the retail facilities manager. In this 2014 Trends Report, PRSM Association’s second annual review It’s all about the store: of what to watch for, we have floors, lighting, explored five key trends; technoltemperature, wall ogy, sustainability, vendor management, waste management and coverings—sight, store renovations. To help you smell and sound—the understand the issues and how exclusive, orchestrated they are playing out across the industry, we sought out retailers domain of the retail eager to share their successes and facilities manager. best practices, which in our opinion make them standouts among their peers. Here are our trends for 2014: Sustainability. When you hear this term, thoughts of lower kilowatt usage probably come to mind, but in the case of The Home Depot, a holistic focus on water conservation, ranging from product selection to simply reducing water waste in the greenhouses, is producing incredible results—at a time when the cost of water is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years. Technology. There’s a lot of talk about “big data” these days, but this trend of collecting and analyzing information has been entrenched in FM departments for years. 6 I PROFESSIONAL RETAIL STORE MAINTENANCE I In this section of our report you’ll see how DollarTree, over the past five or six years, has taken data collection and information extraction to a whole new level. Vendor management. Every facilities management scenario presents its own special circumstances, and managing the insource/ outsource question is always part of that. Learn here about how The Fresh Market’s effort to establish close ties with its vendor partners means special focus on the firm’s core commitment to offering its customers fresh, hot food in a stellar environment. Waste management. In this detailed review of a very sensitive topic, get a view of how industry leaders are developing proactive, recycling protocols, in part as a response to increased EPA and local governmental scrutiny, but also in accordance with a sincere desire to be eco-friendly. Brick and mortar innovations. Whether you’re focused on a hundred or a thousand stores, the schedule for remodels and retrofits can be daunting to manage. We learn here about how Z Gallerie designs, constructs and maintains its retail spaces in a way that promotes brand awareness and get customers through the doors to shop longer and buy more. I want to express my personal appreciation to the facilities management professionals who participated in this report and especially for the cooperation of their corporate entities. In this day and age, it’s more than enough to accomplish the daily tasks of being a retail FM without taking on the added role of thought leader. And that’s exactly how I view our participating FMs and others, as leaders in our profession and examples of the highest caliber individuals you are likely to encounter. There’s a lot to learn from this report and I anticipate that it will remain in my team’s stack of useful materials in the months to come. ● Tim Backstrom is Director of Facilities Management at Staples, Inc.

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PRSM 2014 Trends Report