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Railways Support TSB Call for In-Cab Video and Voice if Integrated into SMS By Alex Binkley While on the record as supporting recent recommendations made by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) regarding the installation of in-cab video cameras and voice recorders in all mainline controlling locomotives in Canada, the rail sector is not totally on board just yet. Canada's railways say the suggested safety improvement would be of no benefit to them if they cannot be integrated into existing railway safety management systems to prevent accidents, says Michael Bourque, president of the Railway Association of Canada. The recommendation aims to provide clarity into what happens in the event of an accident. It was put forward in a recent report from the TSB which looked into a 2012 VIA Rail crash in Burlington, Ont. that killed three crew members. Bourque says that under federal law, only TSB officials would have access to the recording. Even though the railways would pay to install and maintain the recorders, they "wouldn't have any control over the systems." "We're looking for better ways to deal with the human element in an accident," says 24 Interchange | Fall / Automne 2013 Bourque. "We want to see if there is a pattern or condition that leads to accidents." "What's more, the safety record of Canadian railways compares favourably to their counterparts elsewhere," he says. "We have a tremendous safety record." Canada's railways maintained a rate of 2.4 total accidents per billion gross ton miles of freight moved in 2011, the lowest rate in a decade. Accidents at level crossings and railrelated trespasser deaths have also declined sharply. There are more than 1,000 train starts a day and almost every one reaches its destination without an accident or incident. Days before the VIA report was made public, former Transport Minister Denis Lebel released a study by the Advisory Council on Rail Safety's Working Group on Locomotive Voice and Video Recorders (LVRs) which called for the voluntary installation of voice/video recording devices on locomotives by railway companies. VIA has already agreed to install the devices. In a statement, Lebel said the government "supports the voluntary use of voice recorders

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Railways Support TSB Call for In-Cab Video and Voice if Integrated into SMS
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