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FEATURE NONTANK VESSEL RESPONSE PLAN REQUIREMENTS FOR SALVAGE AND MARINE FIREFIGHTING SERVICES A By LCDR John G. Peterson, Program Manager, USCG By Ms. Patricia K. Wolf, Policy Development and Industry Outreach, USCG s the readers of SOUNDINGS know, salvage and marine firefighting (SMFF) planning requirements that exist today are the result of extensive interaction between the Coast Guard and industry. The American Salvage Association has ably represented its members in providing technical input to the Coast Guard during the formation of salvage regulations that were implemented in 2011, and the new nontank vessel response plan (NTVRP) regulations that must be implemented by January 30, 2014. As this article goes to press, a handful of nontank vessel response plans have been received by the U.S. Coast Guard's Vessel Response Plan Program for compliance with new NTVRP regulations. New response plans are required of self-propelled nontank vessels 400 gross tons or more that carry oil as fuel or cargo. Requirements for nontank vessel SMFF services are scaled to the fuel or cargo oil capacity of regulated nontank vessels. The VRP Program expects over 2,000 more plans to be submitted by January 30th. 12 * Soundings WINTER 2014 New response service requirements for nontank vessels leverage resource networks developed for the tank vessel industry three years ago. Over the past three years five providers of SMFF services have strengthened nationwide networks of SMFF resources to make services available in each Captain of the Port Zone (COTP Zone) where their clients operate. SMFF planning requirements are complex and cover 15 salvage services in 3 categories: Assessment, Stabilization, and Specialized Salvage Operations. Four firefighting services are included in two

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Soundings - Winter 2014