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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE A By Paul Hankins, ASA President One cannot help but to be impressed with the strides made by the American Salvage Association since its start over 10 years ago, impacting not just our industry specifically but the maritime and responder community in general. NOTHER TWO YEARS has slipped under our keel and the American Salvage Association has once again elected a new slate for their Executive Committee. It has indeed been an honor to take over the leadership of the American Salvage Association in September from the capable hands of Tim Beaver. We owe Tim a debt of gratitude for his unflagging efforts in pushing the ASA's agenda on behalf of our membership. I can only hope that I can continue the strong legacy of leadership shown by all of our past presidents, from ASA's first, Arnold Witte, to our latest in Tim. In moving forward it's always important to appreciate the past to both inform the present and shape the future. In so doing one cannot help but to be impressed with the strides made by the American Salvage Association since its start over 10 years ago impacting not just our industry specifically but the maritime and responder community in general. In addition to the world-class salvage operations conducted this year by our members, this fall saw a milestone in the U.S. maritime salvage industry's development and maturation. Although done with little fanfare or public acknowledgement, the publication of the non-tank vessel final rulemaking, that included the salvage requirements for those vessels, was indeed a watershed moment. We as an industry have never had the level of acceptance and coordination we now enjoy within the maritime community. This rule will serve to take that level even higher. It is my opinion that the U.S. salvage community has never been held in better regard around the world - and we continue to raise the bar and set the standards for the rest of our community - job after job in every corner of the globe. The reasons are complex for sure and not attributable to a single event or reason, but I think it's safe to say our ASA members' collective efforts over the course of this young century, since the ASA was first founded, have put salvage issues front and center in the response community. The message that we are the preventers of spills, not just the responders to the spill which has already occurred, is an important one. As a means of preventing the catastrophe, we have always been, and will always be, the last great hope. As for the future, I can only promise that over the next two years the ASA's immediate goals of furthering these efforts will not waiver under the current leadership's watch. We will continue to push for the recognition of our industry as one that ultimately represents every seafarer's goal, protecting life, property and the environment on which we so heavily depend. I only ask that we keep the dialogue open and voice opinions and suggestions in the variety of forums available to advance our industry. The Executive Committee of the ASA is committed to taking those ideas and formulating an industry strategy where it makes sense to do so. Finally, I'd just like to say a few words about our newly inaugurated format for Soundings, the ASA's long-standing publication. One of the problems in the past has been getting the publication into the hands of the maritime community beyond just the immediate salvage community. It's always been important for the salvage community to have strong ties throughout the maritime community - one never knows when an asset or capability of an otherwise unrelated maritime company might be needed. Knowing those organizations and companies in advance always helps. For that reason I'm pleased to be part of this new format. With the help of Naylor, LLC we have inaugurated an email format of the publication in addition to the base of traditional hard copy recipients. Our hope is this will vastly increase the readership, and more importantly, the awareness, of our maritime brethren. We hope you enjoy this first of many additions to come. ● WINTER 2014 * 7

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Soundings - Winter 2014