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President's Message EffEctivE coopEration for EnvironmEntal protEction in thE hEmisphErE By todd schauer, asa President and Jorge durán, Chief of the secretariat, CiP g reetings all! it is an exciting time for the asa with many things happening. as most members are no doubt aware, we are actively promoting the upcoming training seminar that the asa is co-sponsoring with the organization of american states' (oas) inter-american committee on ports (cip). this seminar will target senior port authority representatives from the 35 member states of the americas and will be held in miami over June 13-15, 2016. it will be a perfect opportunity to promote the improvement of salvage and wreck removal standards throughout the americas. this event represents the first major product of our new relationship with oas-cip and we expect it will be the first of many such events. the asa leadership team continues to be extremely pleased by the support of Jorge Durán, chief of the secretariat, inter-american committee on ports (s/cip), and his staff and it is an honor and pleasure to introduce mr. Durán to our members. concurrently, the leadership team and membership committee are aggressively recruiting new members from central and south america, the caribbean sea, and canada and the response has been extremely positive thus far. our membership base is expanding rapidly in direct support of our expanded mission in these regions. it is clearly a turning point in the asa's history - we are rapidly shifting from a Us focused organization to one that supports the salvage industry throughout the americas. it is also a perfect timing considering the consolidation that has occurred in the Us market with resulting negative impact on our membership base. another new initiative in our expanded mission area is the caribbean risk assessment (crisK) that asa is promoting with oas-cip to assess potentially polluting wrecks in the caribbean region. this follows directly from the asa promoted noaa rUlEt effort to assess wrecks in Us waters. the leadership teams of asa and oas-cip together are currently refining a plan of action including establishing a budget and targeting sources of funding. We are also closely monitoring the recent Us coast guard publications including the nprEp guidelines and the announcement of another round of smff verifications. the regulatory committee is reviewing all issues and will make recommendations to the leadership team on appropriate courses of action for the asa if any. finally, i would also like to thank the training and Education committees for continued great efforts. We are on track for 2016 to be the busiest and most successful year of asa training! i welcome the participation of the membership in any of our ongoing activities in this very active and dynamic period. please don't hesitate to contact myself or Dick fredricks if you are interested. please also mark your calendars for the next general meeting that will occur on november 1, at clean gulf in tampa. -Todd Schauer spring 2016 * 5

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